Sunday, April 18, 2010

Let's talk about breast's baby....

(singing to the tune of 'Lets talk about Sex, Baby by Salt 'N' Peppa)

Let's talk about breasts baby

Let's talk about you and me

Let's talk about all the good things and the bad things that maybe

Let's talk about breasts

Let's talk about breasts for now to the people at home or in the crowd

They keep coming up anyhow

They bounce, flounce, and try to escape

Cuz that bra ain't gonna stop them

Now we talk about breast on the blogs and tube

Many will know anything goes

Let's tell how to keep them trapped

and how they should be

How they should be two boobs not one

Those who think it's dirty have a choice

OK, that's enough of that. Trust me I should not sing! Unless you are drunk then I sound like Pink!

A good bra is important... more important than a good pair of running shoes. Today I must implore my comrades in breasts. Large breasts. Listen, I like a friendly wave while running as much as the next gal, but really I prefer you use your hands to wave hello. Oh, don't look at me like that. You know when you see a woman running and you want to run with her to the closest running store to shell out the dough for a good sports bra. She looks like she is holding a pack of squirrels in her bra, fighting to get out. But here's the thing... running stores... we love you. You provide great shoes, cute running clothes, and gels galore. You suck in the bra department. Now I say that as a friend. It's great if you have a smaller chest. The handful bra is the best freaking bra for A/B cups. The best! But why when you get into C/D/DD you end up with iron maiden bras from some medieval time? Really. Why can't we have cute bras, too? Heck yeah, I want it all. Support, comfort, and cuteness! Is that so wrong? NOPE!

So I found this fantastic company that makes sports bras for the well-endowed runner. I present Kalyx bras.

This picture was taken by my 5 year old, Alexis.
I'd say ignore the stretch marks, but I don't really care. I had four kids and am proud of those stretch marks. (Sticking tongue out!)

The back of the Kickstart Bra

But back to the boobs.

I measure a 34C or 34D in some bras for 36C or 36D in other bras. Drives me nuts, why can't they all measure the same? Same thing with pants. Whoa... rant coming on... must focus on breasts... OK

This Company Kaylx, makes amazingly cute bras. They were kind enough to send me a bra to test and well, I had to order another. I am so happy I did. Today I am going to provide a review on the kickstart bra.

Here's what they say about the Kickstart bra:

Athletic Training Bra - the "Kickstart" sports bra

Get Sweaty, Betty in this cute comfort bra...also great for Pilates, yoga, rollerblading and fun in the sun!

Wonderful teen bra, great for California girls, too!

Now here's what I think:


This maybe labeled for lighter activities, but I disagree with that limitation. I used this bra for a workout in the House of Pain, yoga, Pilates, and for a 4 mile HARD run. I did 1/4 mile pick ups at 6 min pace and my boobs stayed put! It was a warmer day and I loved how freaking cute the back of the bra is. I work hard on my back and want to show it off. Now granted I wasn't thinking about the bra during my run at all. To me that means a fantastic bra. If you don't notice it and you can still breathe....hey folks, we have a winner.

So the next important question is, did I have to fight my way out of the dang thing? Oh, you know what I'm talking about. It's the half pee pee dance half drunken monkey act we do to get out of a sweaty sports bra. Listen guys... jock strap is a walk in the park to take off. Trying to take off a sweaty sports bra makes a mammogram feel like a cup of tea. (OK, nothing makes a mammogram feel easy, even 6 shots of gin. I'm just saying) I was able to take it off with ease. I highly recommend this bra for lifting, yoga, Pilates, and running. I might not recommend it for you lucky gals blessed with Full D's or DD's, but they have bras for you. (More on that in the next review)

The other bonus to this bra uni-boob. This is nice to have cleavage alley open to ventilate. For some reason sports' bra manufactures think smashing the boobs together makes for a 'secure' package by making them immovable. Yeah, guys it doesn't work that way. Sometimes segregation can be a good thing. Let's also admit that the Kalyx is a flattering bra. I don't feel like my gals are waving to everyone I pass.

So if you gals are looking for a cute, comfortable bra, check out Kaylx. I am going to be ordering this Kickstart bra in the two other colors because I LOVE IT. Now go to their web site and tell them Angela sent you! Laugh and run on, my friends!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Eye candy!!

Here are some of my favorite running gear must have's:

Gymgirl ultra from

Kendall Kollection. LOVE this skirt

Wondergirl Tank Black.

Asics Arm Warmers

Today a great run. Met a friend for a quick four mile run. Not my fastest, but I can see my times getting down. I am hoping my 5K will be 7:30 pace by my May race. We will see. Pace leading is over for a few weeks, so I get to work on my pace for two extra runs.

This last two weeks here is what I have done:

 4 mile run. 1-8:00 2-7:44 3-8:49 4-8:53

2.75 miles Pacing one of my gals. 9 min pace

10.5 mi / 01:36 09:08 pace Did first 6 miles at 8:28 pace, then met a friend for the rest. Felt ok until mile 8 then ouch...cramps...cramps..oh heck where is the bathroom cramps. At least the miles are in the bank.

Swam in the am for an hour.

I took one of my son's to track with me. Ran about a mile or more with him, but only ran 1-400 (1:27) which is what was on tap for track. Oh well, at least time spent with my cute Ayden.

House of Pain – 01:00 hour~ 

120 calf raises, 300 situps in sets of 50, hamstring curls 20 each leg, 3x 1 min wall squats holding 10lb weight with legs (think squeeze the 'no no' muscles), Ladder lunges. 30 second to do 1 lunge each leg. Then 30 second to do 2 each leg. Your rest is how much time you have left. After 10 lunges each leg you get 1 min to complete. I got upto 20.


6 mi / 00:52 ~ 08:39 pace  Slow, calf sore. One really big hill slowed me way down. Good run with a friend, so it went really quickly as we chatted like old bitties the whole way

April 3
Pace lead run – 11 mi

Sometimes it hurts to run slower. My gal had a rough time holding the pace, we had to slow way down. I did have her at 9:13 pace for the 8 miles, then she tanked with those dread 'I'm gonna poop myself' cramps. So we cut the miles short. Oh well, I'll just have to go back to running extra miles before pace leading.

April 2
House of Pain – 01:00 Arms, press, lat press, bench incline and on flat bench. Ouch my pecks hurt. Then 1/2 hour of massage/stretching from my coach. I cried like a little baby. But my calf and hammy doesn't hurt as bad.

April 1
First Thursday Run – 6.5 mi / 00:50 07:41 pace First Thursday run. It's fun to run with friends and hubby. I always push myself harder. Kicked ASS! But had stop breaks at lights and crossings so could catch my breath.

March 31
track – 3.5 mi 12x200 with 200 rec jog

March 30
great4 x .25 mile hill repeats. – 3.1 mi 4 x .25 mile hill repeats with 1 short hill repeat (1:36-1:31-1:36-1:42~~:40)
House of Pain for 1 hour

March 29
Swim – 01:10 freestyle for 1 hour 10 mins. Must learn to pace in pool. first 1/2 hour was fast, slowed way down rest of swim. Great workout.

March 27

Pace leading run. – 11 mi / 01:42 09:16 paceTrying to get my gal to run 9:20 pace, she did really well. Proud of her

March 26

12 mile Bike ride to mark course for Saturday's run
4 mile run with hubby

March 25
House of Pain – 01:00 45 hamstring ups on step each side-45 double hamstring ups-45 lunge lifts each leg-45hamstring with ball- calf raises foot straight, foot in, foot out and then single leg straight, in and out. Total of 270 calf raises (my arch cramped) 2-1 min chair po... read more

45 hamstring ups on step each side-45 double hamstring ups-45 lunge lifts each leg-45hamstring with ball- calf raises foot straight, foot in, foot out and then single leg straight, in and out. Total of 270 calf raises (my arch cramped) 2-1 min chair pose knees in perfect par to gound (ouch quads pissed here) 50 twist lunges each leg with 20lbs-50 8count bodybuilders-50 push ups Now that's how we do it in the House Of Pain. Now you know why I call it that.

March 24
Swim in am for an hour
Track Did 30x`00's and 2x800's 4 miles ish? more?

March 23
Hill repeats – 3 mi 1.25 mile warm up. 2 long hill repeats and 2 short hill repeats.

1:36-1:34 -:39-:44-:39-:37 1.25 mile cool down. I would love to be done with this broncitis. Any day now.
Then House of Pain – 01:00hour 21 curl ups-15# ~300 sit ups~50 ab swing legs w/ partner throwing them~recline curls w/ 25# 45 of them~10-8-6 pull ups with partner help~10#'s row ups, v ups, and snatch 45 of them~30 side leg lifts with partner help in side plank

March 22-freaking broncitis.

There that should give you an idea of my workouts.