Sunday, January 31, 2010

From the mouth of babes...

Ayden, my three year old boy, informs me tonight that he wants breasts. Here is how the conversation transpired:

Ayden: "Mom, I want breasts."

Me: "Really, that's nice honey. I hate to break it to you but boys can't have breasts."

Ayden: "Yes, they can. Super heroes have BIG breasts."

Me: "No honey, super heroes have pectoral muscles. We also call them pecks. Only women have breasts."

Ayden: "Mom, I want really BIG pecks like the super heroes have."

Me: "Sounds good. You will have to work hard to get big pectoral muscles. It will include lots of hard work."

Ayden: "OK mom. I'm going to be a super hero with big pecks."

The other day while sitting at the counter with Aric, Ayden informs him of a few tid bits of wisdom.

Ayden: "Dad, did you know babies don't like it when you jump on them."

Aric: "Well, yes I did."

Ayden: "Dad, did you know that girls don't like it when you jump on them, either?"

Aric: "Yes, I have learned that one, too. But good observation."

Ah, kids are so fun. We really do have conversations like this in our house.

I drive one of my Aunt's crazy when we refer to the penis as a penis. Or when we call the vagina a...wait for it... a vagina. Why does this make some people uncomforable? I don't call my eyes my ding dong, we call them eyes. We are very factual in our household. We believe in not dumbing things down for our kids. Kids are bright; just present the facts to them. I am hoping that our kids will not be self consensus of silly things. I want them to be comfortable in their skins, with who they are. I don't want them to ever be ashamed of who they are or what they like to do. I hope this will keep them strong from peer pressure when they get older. Help them rely on facts to do what's right not what main stream thinking is. Who cares if my son likes to walk in heels? It doesn't make him gay and if he is so what? It won't change that I love him. Facts are facts, babies don't come from storks.

I believe in being honest and I surround myself with people who are honest. If I'm being silly or OCD about something I want my friends to tell me. That's what friends are for. To be honest with you so you can improve yourself to become a better person. So I ask you have you be a true friend today?

Don't tell your friends what you think they want to hear, tell them the truth. A hill doesn't lie to you. Your time on a 5K doesn't lie to you, it's honest. Sometimes painfully honest. My best friend in the whole world tells me if I'm being a dork. We are the opposites in the political area and have hours of debates, but never one fight. That's right never one fight in the 13 years I have known her. She has been honest with me from the start, sometimes brutally. And for that I am thankful. I know this post has taken an off turn, but children are so honest. I think that's why I love being around kids. So again I ask you have you been a TRUE friend today? A run is always honest. Are you honest with yourself? Are you honest with your friends? You should be. Laugh and run on, my friends!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just call me a liar!!

I tried to take adult drinks out of my diet. So here is where I try to defend myself. You see it wasn't my fault. My good friend and coach said "Don't take the gin out of your diet. I'll just work you harder." Another friend said " You have four kids, why do you want to take gin out of your diet?" Good point. Hmm.

Now re-reading this it makes me sound like I drink all the time (my husband wished I did :P). I don't. I have a gin and tonic once a week, sometimes twice. Now let's get back to part about lying.

You see I tried to give up G&T's but I went to a gig my husband was playing. Oh, I forgot to mention that my husband is ubber talented. He sings, plays 5 string bass, guitar, harmonica, piano, 12-string guitar, records music, and writes amazing songs. Check him out here. So while out with hubby, we consider these dates, there was a bar. Well, you see the bartender liked me for some reason and poured me some really good (strong but good) G&T's. All the while these drinks were free, so would you turn down free really tasty drinks? I didn't think so. So last Saturday night I had a few drinks and enjoyed some really good music. I guess a treat is ok, since I don't really care about desserts I can handle a 'few' extra calories (we call this justification). So I lied, I couldn't give up the G&T's. Oh well, I sort tried.

Now onto the running related information. . What you want to see how pathetic my running has been? October I ran a total of 140.6 miles, kind of light on the miles but not sad. November was...38.30 miles. Sad, huh? Then for December I had a total of 2 runs for 10 miles total for the month. Then I went in for surgery. So here I am finally cleared to run and doing OK. I figure it will take me until March to be back at 7:30 pace for a 5K. I don't think that's too lofty a goal.

I have been able to get a few runs in this week. Last Tuesday I ran 1 mile non stop and did 10:20 pace, not bad considering how little I have run. Then Thursday I did another mile non stop in 10:09. OK. Saturday I ran 2.75 miles as a pace leader. So that wasn’t really much of a run, but still a run. Monday I ran 2.5 miles with the boys in the triple stroller. It felt great, but that dang stroller doesn’t go very fast and I had trouble with the stupid wheels. I think I did 10:45-10:30 pace for those miles. A good workout. Wednesday night was track. I was able to run a warm up 1/2 mile at 8:25 pace. It felt good. Then I did 300 at a conservative 1:12 pace. Hey, that felt good. I didn’t want to push the 300 because my ads are still weak and I don’t want to rip anything. Then a mile jog at 8:34 pace (my garmin said 8:26 pace but I’m still happy with the 8:34 pace). Hey that felt good, too. Then another 300 right after that mile at 1:16. Not fast by any stretch of the word, but not bad for just having surgery 6 weeks ago. This makes me happy. Sure the pace was kind of slow but I didn’t expect any times in the 8’s for another few weeks. Maybe I will be ready to run the Ft. Vancouver 5K in March. (Insert evil cackles here). It’s a pretty flat course, so my surgeon will be happy that I didn’t run a hilly 5K. Maybe I’ll be ready to start my marathon training program in February instead of March. Oh, that will put me closer to my goal time. Damn those lofty goals. Laugh and run on, my friends.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We are moving. Yes, again. I found renters for my house in La Center, so we are moving back into 'town'. The funny thing is when hubby and I were looking at houses a common theme popped up. How easy is it to get to our running trails?

Yes, we based our house finding on how many of our favorite running trails are nearby. We settled on a cute house that has two KILLER hills on the way to our favorite trail. We actually were giddy when we drove the hills talking about our 10 mile run will have some big hills in them to make us both stronger runners. And how I can do my 20 milers without a double back route. Sure most people like the yard or the easy access to work. Nope, hubby and I based it on our running routes and how easy would it be for me to get to track practice. Can you say spoiled? Why, yes, yes I am! And I love it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MMmmm. Gin and Tonic!

All right, I'm putting this out there. I'm going to get my weight down to 130lb in 2 months. There I said it out loud; well I typed it really loud. Now that I told you, I have to follow through and lose the weight. Ugh! Since I am not allowed yet to push my running, I need something to obsess about (besides Skirt Sports stuff). So I only have 10lbs to lose, shouldn't be too hard. I'm cutting out my coffee creamers. Only black coffee and since I drink so much coffee that should be about 500 calories right there. :)

So no more cookies for me. @@**&!((#)!!! and no...wait for it...Gin and Tonics, either. @(*$*!())$H&&&T!!!!!!! OK, I think I'm calm now. Sorry for that, I dont' know what came over me.

Running related I ran a full mile without stopping today. I told you I was going to be good and take it slow. Well, I sure did take it slow. I can't believe how much fitness I have lost in the last two months. I say two months but I really should say three. November my miles were sad, but I blame that on moving. December I said screw it since I knew I was having surgery, lame I know. And well, I wasn't really allowed to workout until last week. So here we are. Dying to run and dying while running. Maybe I should call it jogging. Because let me tell you it was S-L-O-W! But hey, I'm just happy I can run again. I'll take what I can get.

Side note: I only want to lose weight to help my running. Not because I think I'm chunky. I wanted to make that clear. It is in NO way a 'body image' issue. It's a if I lose 10lbs that's 10lbs less to heft with me on a run, thus making me faster. See it's a 'fast' issue! That's a healthy issue!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Run, Angela, Run!!

I'm cleared for take off...uh I mean running. In an effort to 'take it easy', a thing I know nothing about, I ran only a 1/2 mile for my first test flight  run. I could have done more, but I don't want to un-do anything. Which will just set me back further. My doctor did say that she didn't think I would be upto running the Shamrock 5K in March (duh, you knew a Shamrock run would be in March). I am hard pressed to prove her wrong. I know I won't PR, but run it? Yes! Granted I had a heck of a time running the 1/2 mile at just an easy avg 10:30 pace. I didn't want to push myself, too much. I started very slow with an 11:30 pace and ended it with 9:10 pace. Easy. My abs have lost a LOT of fitness, however my legs were strong. So in an effort to take it slow I'll do doubles. Run in am and spin in evening. House of Pain twice a week. I am hoping I can do an easy 8 min pace on the Shamrock 5K. See I am being good (for me). It's not like I'm expecting a 7:30 pace.

Here's a little eye candy to see how cute the Skirt Sports stuff is. And a starting photo for my weight loss and body defining project. I'll post one every month to see how defined I can get my muscles. My coach has a lot of work cut out for her. But I do have a lofty goal in mind for my 5K. So am up for working hard. Bring it on, baby!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

How cute is this?

I just returned from a meeting with Skirt Sports. Might I say this is the most amazing group of people. All beautiful, athletic, vibrant people. I can not wait to get off the ground. Until then here is a little eye candy.

My pretty little girls, sporting a skirtsport skirt. And, of coarse, me rocking their line. I love these pants. My little girls always want me to wear skirts, problem is Avery (on the left) loves to play with my skirt. Which means hello panties. But with these, the pants are attached. Love them!

This weekend I did get to run a little bit. I did 3.5 or 4 miles (no trail markers or Garmin) I'd walk a bit then jog a bit. I was so happy. Next week I hope to get the all clear from my doctor to run. Then I shall have some fun posts for you. Laugh and run on, my friends!

P.S. Don't tell my doctor I ran or worked out. ;)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Skirt Sports reps rock!

I'm in Boulder, CO for a sales rep meeting with Skirt Sports. What a fun and nice bunch of people. Honestly I have not stop laughing since my arrival. Love these guys.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A little sore...

I had a wonderful walk, outside with my friends today. My dear mother came over early so that Aric and I could go into town this morning. Aric had breakfast with some friends and while he was doing that I did a little food shopping and gassing up his car. Swing back around to get Aric and off to Salmon Creek trail. He ran 6 miles (why yes, I am jealous) and I walked 2 miles with a friend.

Four of my running buddies meet me at the trail. Three of them ran while one, who is also on the not allowed to run list, walked with me. While Jen and I walked we chatted like little old bitty's who hadn't seen each other is years (truth be told it was only a month or so) and before we knew it our mile turn around showed up. Being good girls we turned around. A few runners passed us and unintentionally we picked up the walking pace. Before long we were out of breath. "Hey, Jen I'm dying here. Why are we so out of breath, it's just a walk." Jen replied "Yeah, um...Angela every time a runner passes us you pick up the pace. Could you slow down?" "Thank God, Jen. I thought I was going to pass out for a second. Just from walking. Crazy competitive me. Sorry."

I felt great after the walk. Maybe it was the fresh air, maybe the great company, but I felt really good. Fast-forward to three hours later and I was beat. I felt like a Mac truck hit me. I'm sore and had to ask hubby for help while I sat down for a couple hours trying to relax. I didn't feel like I over did it. I do believe it's a combo of not sleeping the last four days. The boys have decided to keep hubby and I awake for hours on end the last two nights. So tonight I will take 1/2 a dreaded valium to help me sleep. The doc gave them to me to help my muscles relax so I could sleep. I just hate taking drugs, prescribed or not. I'm not one for putting unneeded things into my body. If I have a headache, I drink some water and deal with it. Sore from a workout, I deal with it. In pain from childbirth, I deal with the pain (not well but I deal) Please note that caffeine does not count and is essential to my day. Just kidding (well as long as you don't get between me and my coffee I'm just kidding).

So tomorrow is a rest day. A good nights sleep tonight and rest tomorrow. I'll be back on the treadmill Monday for a mile walk. Tuesday another mile maybe two if I feel up to it. Wednesday I will do a really light workout at the House of Pain. Because you know me...Little Miss over Do It, but don't tell me that because then I'll never fess up that I just over did it (I'll be damned if I give you that satisfaction...what I'm a red head). Heck just reading this post makes me realize I'm want too thick headed. I have it in my head that I will run a 23:00 5K in March. Easy before the surgery, but after? Who know's. I think it should be doable.

P.S. Secretly I want a 22:00 5K in March

P.P.S OK really I want a 21:00 5K

P.P.S.S Alright my goal for 2010 is a 20:00 5K at end of year. I so want that. If I behave I might just be able to do it.

Friday, January 1, 2010

I am walking....

I was able to do a whole 1/2 mile on the treadmill on Wednesday. Yesterday hubby and I gathered up some new 'support' garments and today I was able to walk a mile on the treadmill with no pain. I could have kept going. Yes, I feel normal again. Tomorrow I am meeting some of my running friends. Most of them are going to run and one of them is going to walk with me. I can't wait to walk with her and get caught up on what's going on. I love my running friends and the gal walking with me tomorrow is top notch. I can't wait, maybe we will do 2 or 4 miles. I know don't overdo it. Me? Never!