Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just call me a liar!!

I tried to take adult drinks out of my diet. So here is where I try to defend myself. You see it wasn't my fault. My good friend and coach said "Don't take the gin out of your diet. I'll just work you harder." Another friend said " You have four kids, why do you want to take gin out of your diet?" Good point. Hmm.

Now re-reading this it makes me sound like I drink all the time (my husband wished I did :P). I don't. I have a gin and tonic once a week, sometimes twice. Now let's get back to part about lying.

You see I tried to give up G&T's but I went to a gig my husband was playing. Oh, I forgot to mention that my husband is ubber talented. He sings, plays 5 string bass, guitar, harmonica, piano, 12-string guitar, records music, and writes amazing songs. Check him out here. So while out with hubby, we consider these dates, there was a bar. Well, you see the bartender liked me for some reason and poured me some really good (strong but good) G&T's. All the while these drinks were free, so would you turn down free really tasty drinks? I didn't think so. So last Saturday night I had a few drinks and enjoyed some really good music. I guess a treat is ok, since I don't really care about desserts I can handle a 'few' extra calories (we call this justification). So I lied, I couldn't give up the G&T's. Oh well, I sort tried.

Now onto the running related information. . What you want to see how pathetic my running has been? October I ran a total of 140.6 miles, kind of light on the miles but not sad. November was...38.30 miles. Sad, huh? Then for December I had a total of 2 runs for 10 miles total for the month. Then I went in for surgery. So here I am finally cleared to run and doing OK. I figure it will take me until March to be back at 7:30 pace for a 5K. I don't think that's too lofty a goal.

I have been able to get a few runs in this week. Last Tuesday I ran 1 mile non stop and did 10:20 pace, not bad considering how little I have run. Then Thursday I did another mile non stop in 10:09. OK. Saturday I ran 2.75 miles as a pace leader. So that wasn’t really much of a run, but still a run. Monday I ran 2.5 miles with the boys in the triple stroller. It felt great, but that dang stroller doesn’t go very fast and I had trouble with the stupid wheels. I think I did 10:45-10:30 pace for those miles. A good workout. Wednesday night was track. I was able to run a warm up 1/2 mile at 8:25 pace. It felt good. Then I did 300 at a conservative 1:12 pace. Hey, that felt good. I didn’t want to push the 300 because my ads are still weak and I don’t want to rip anything. Then a mile jog at 8:34 pace (my garmin said 8:26 pace but I’m still happy with the 8:34 pace). Hey that felt good, too. Then another 300 right after that mile at 1:16. Not fast by any stretch of the word, but not bad for just having surgery 6 weeks ago. This makes me happy. Sure the pace was kind of slow but I didn’t expect any times in the 8’s for another few weeks. Maybe I will be ready to run the Ft. Vancouver 5K in March. (Insert evil cackles here). It’s a pretty flat course, so my surgeon will be happy that I didn’t run a hilly 5K. Maybe I’ll be ready to start my marathon training program in February instead of March. Oh, that will put me closer to my goal time. Damn those lofty goals. Laugh and run on, my friends.

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