Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MMmmm. Gin and Tonic!

All right, I'm putting this out there. I'm going to get my weight down to 130lb in 2 months. There I said it out loud; well I typed it really loud. Now that I told you, I have to follow through and lose the weight. Ugh! Since I am not allowed yet to push my running, I need something to obsess about (besides Skirt Sports stuff). So I only have 10lbs to lose, shouldn't be too hard. I'm cutting out my coffee creamers. Only black coffee and since I drink so much coffee that should be about 500 calories right there. :)

So no more cookies for me. @@**&!((#)!!! and no...wait for it...Gin and Tonics, either. @(*$*!())$H&&&T!!!!!!! OK, I think I'm calm now. Sorry for that, I dont' know what came over me.

Running related I ran a full mile without stopping today. I told you I was going to be good and take it slow. Well, I sure did take it slow. I can't believe how much fitness I have lost in the last two months. I say two months but I really should say three. November my miles were sad, but I blame that on moving. December I said screw it since I knew I was having surgery, lame I know. And well, I wasn't really allowed to workout until last week. So here we are. Dying to run and dying while running. Maybe I should call it jogging. Because let me tell you it was S-L-O-W! But hey, I'm just happy I can run again. I'll take what I can get.

Side note: I only want to lose weight to help my running. Not because I think I'm chunky. I wanted to make that clear. It is in NO way a 'body image' issue. It's a if I lose 10lbs that's 10lbs less to heft with me on a run, thus making me faster. See it's a 'fast' issue! That's a healthy issue!

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