Saturday, January 16, 2010

Run, Angela, Run!!

I'm cleared for take off...uh I mean running. In an effort to 'take it easy', a thing I know nothing about, I ran only a 1/2 mile for my first test flight  run. I could have done more, but I don't want to un-do anything. Which will just set me back further. My doctor did say that she didn't think I would be upto running the Shamrock 5K in March (duh, you knew a Shamrock run would be in March). I am hard pressed to prove her wrong. I know I won't PR, but run it? Yes! Granted I had a heck of a time running the 1/2 mile at just an easy avg 10:30 pace. I didn't want to push myself, too much. I started very slow with an 11:30 pace and ended it with 9:10 pace. Easy. My abs have lost a LOT of fitness, however my legs were strong. So in an effort to take it slow I'll do doubles. Run in am and spin in evening. House of Pain twice a week. I am hoping I can do an easy 8 min pace on the Shamrock 5K. See I am being good (for me). It's not like I'm expecting a 7:30 pace.

Here's a little eye candy to see how cute the Skirt Sports stuff is. And a starting photo for my weight loss and body defining project. I'll post one every month to see how defined I can get my muscles. My coach has a lot of work cut out for her. But I do have a lofty goal in mind for my 5K. So am up for working hard. Bring it on, baby!

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  1. Oooh, ok, BANGS! I love the bangs! Oh, and the bod looks pretty darn good too :-)