Saturday, January 2, 2010

A little sore...

I had a wonderful walk, outside with my friends today. My dear mother came over early so that Aric and I could go into town this morning. Aric had breakfast with some friends and while he was doing that I did a little food shopping and gassing up his car. Swing back around to get Aric and off to Salmon Creek trail. He ran 6 miles (why yes, I am jealous) and I walked 2 miles with a friend.

Four of my running buddies meet me at the trail. Three of them ran while one, who is also on the not allowed to run list, walked with me. While Jen and I walked we chatted like little old bitty's who hadn't seen each other is years (truth be told it was only a month or so) and before we knew it our mile turn around showed up. Being good girls we turned around. A few runners passed us and unintentionally we picked up the walking pace. Before long we were out of breath. "Hey, Jen I'm dying here. Why are we so out of breath, it's just a walk." Jen replied "Yeah, um...Angela every time a runner passes us you pick up the pace. Could you slow down?" "Thank God, Jen. I thought I was going to pass out for a second. Just from walking. Crazy competitive me. Sorry."

I felt great after the walk. Maybe it was the fresh air, maybe the great company, but I felt really good. Fast-forward to three hours later and I was beat. I felt like a Mac truck hit me. I'm sore and had to ask hubby for help while I sat down for a couple hours trying to relax. I didn't feel like I over did it. I do believe it's a combo of not sleeping the last four days. The boys have decided to keep hubby and I awake for hours on end the last two nights. So tonight I will take 1/2 a dreaded valium to help me sleep. The doc gave them to me to help my muscles relax so I could sleep. I just hate taking drugs, prescribed or not. I'm not one for putting unneeded things into my body. If I have a headache, I drink some water and deal with it. Sore from a workout, I deal with it. In pain from childbirth, I deal with the pain (not well but I deal) Please note that caffeine does not count and is essential to my day. Just kidding (well as long as you don't get between me and my coffee I'm just kidding).

So tomorrow is a rest day. A good nights sleep tonight and rest tomorrow. I'll be back on the treadmill Monday for a mile walk. Tuesday another mile maybe two if I feel up to it. Wednesday I will do a really light workout at the House of Pain. Because you know me...Little Miss over Do It, but don't tell me that because then I'll never fess up that I just over did it (I'll be damned if I give you that satisfaction...what I'm a red head). Heck just reading this post makes me realize I'm want too thick headed. I have it in my head that I will run a 23:00 5K in March. Easy before the surgery, but after? Who know's. I think it should be doable.

P.S. Secretly I want a 22:00 5K in March

P.P.S OK really I want a 21:00 5K

P.P.S.S Alright my goal for 2010 is a 20:00 5K at end of year. I so want that. If I behave I might just be able to do it.


  1. Listen here, you! I know I'm supposed to be writing, but you're not supposed to be over-doing it!
    So, I'll write if you promise to not over-do it!
    I got my eyes on you....

    oh, and Matt says we have to get the car realigned before I can drive up to see you. The car shakes and weaves back and forth if you go over 40...He seems to think that's dangerous....

  2. Hey, who you calling an old bitty? JK! Can't wait to do it again!