Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What would you do???

What would you do to become a better (to me means faster) runner?

Lose more weight? Run more hill repeats? Surgery? Crosstrain harder? More weight training?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Getting cranky

OK, maybe crankier... I am having a hard time with no working out or running. I'm a bit, too sore to run granted. I do think I will be upto an easy workout next week. Don't look at me like that. I know, I'm supposed to wait four weeks and to start with a light workout, but someone might get hurt (besides me) if I don't get some form of a workout in.

Today I washed the floors in my kitchen, dining room, and computer area. I did it on my hands and knees, slowly and with my mother's help. See I was good. Now granted that was about 1000 sq ft of floor cleaning, but I feel better with the house finally getting a good cleaning. Yes, I do have OCD problems habits. Then my mother and I dressed all four kids for a walk. Sure it took about 20 mins. to get them all in coats, hats, etc., but then we had the most wonderful walk. About 2/3 of a mile walk which took a grand total of 45 mins.... 45 mins of happy children walking. While walking we passed our favorite cows, named Ice Cream (Lexi's name for one) and Greenhonk (Ayden's name for one) and Carolina the horse that changes color (Avery's name for any horse because it follows her everywhere and is always a different color) and Moo (Zander's name for the cow's..this one makes sense to me). The neighbors dog, Ladybug took her usual walk with us. All in all a wonderful day, which was ended by snow. Perfect, well, perfect if I could get a workout in. Next week, baby.

I know I don't listen well. Or at all. I do not wait well, either. I had my husband pull out my last drain. That was fun. My RN was not surprised by this at all. So I wait a little longer and then I will add more. For now, I am planning my attack on my new job as a sale's rep. for Skirt Sports. This will be fun as I love their line. Run and laugh on, my friends!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I have do believe..

I do believe running a marathon is easier than taking care of four kids, keeping the house clean, cooking, and all the other things I do. It must be, because it has taken three grown adults to do what I do everyday.

God bless my mother for watching the kids, my mother in law for cooking meals for the family, and my husband for taking over when he get's home from working 10 hour days.

I am officially one week post-op and back to cleaning my house because I couldn't take it anymore. The OCD in me must have order. But I have to say I am so tired. I'm in fairly good shape, I could whip out a 1/2 marathon and not feel tired after it was all said and done. However, while healing and trying to step right back into 'mom' mode... I'm getting my butt kicked. I think I'd rather run a marathon right now, it would be less work (OK, not really but I feel that way). I just can't wait to be fully healed and running again. The count down is on. 4 weeks and I can run. Next week I will start walking...slowly.

In Jan I have to fly off to Boulder for a new job. Should be fun and I can work it around the kids, perfect. I can't wait. But I am not looking forward to being away from the kids for three days. For now, I'll just go sit down for a minute and get back to cleaning. Run on my friends.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A new old me!

Tomorrow is my surgery. A long awaited day. I know I'll post more about it after tomorrow, because I'll be stuck in bed for weeks. Yuck! No running, no House of Pain, no fun. But in the long run (nice pun) I'll be in better shape for running and finally getting my pace faster.

Since I've known about the surgery I really have not ran much these last two months. I was not motivated because I'll be back at square one in January. Now I'm closer to square one...then it's on baby. 'And I was running...'

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I've been testing a few products lately. One is the Thriv shirt. Another is on arm warmers. The last is on compression socks. Stay tuned for an honest look at these products.

On arm warmers...

I'm sold. I love them and try to wear them everywhere. I have a few more I want to try out before I weigh in on the best one or one's. I do love to show off my awesome arms. Yes, I just called my arms awesome. I workout hard and am proud of what my body is becoming. Thanks in kind to the House of Pain.

On compression socks...

Yes, again I'm sold. I have only one part, but immediately noticed a difference. I wore them after wearing a cute pair of high heal boots, not something I normally partake in. My feet and claves were killing me by hour seven, must to my delight the compression socks felt like a mini massage for my feet and calves. Honest.

On the Thriv shirt...

Well, pros and cons. But you must wait. RunOregon get's my first view on this shirt. Then 14 days later, it's all yours.

Laugh and run on, my friends.

(I know I'm leaving you hanging, you'll get over it.)