Thursday, March 24, 2011

On my where did Febuary and March go?

I know where they went... to training. Here is what I have been doing for the last month.

Yesterday : What? run for Vancouver USA M... 3.7 mi 08:22 pace

Fun run with 100 other people training for the Vancouver Marathon. Ran first mile with a friend at 9:36 next mile 7:59 (Damn big hill) next mile 7:53 (overpass hill) last .70 at 8:15 pace. Felt OK, weird things was when I was done I wasn't breathing hard. I did have to work a little for mile 2 and 3 but it felt good. Now to get more tempo runs in so I can get some speed back.

Tuesday March 22: Vancouver pacing 2.36 mi 07:52 pace and 30 mins swim in am (1200 yards)

2 lap warm up (7:53 pace felt easy and relaxed) Then I had to pace my people 300's --1:28-1:25-1:24-1:21-1:24-1:25-1:13 I told them if they ran it faster than 1:20 they didn't have to do 2 more 300's. :) They pushed, so proud. Then I did a cool down with one of the gals at 9:18 pace

Sunday March 20: great Recovery Easy Pace leading 12 mi 10:20 pace

Just Pacing in Vancouver today. I felt like I could have run 10 more miles my legs felt light and I really wanted to push the pace but my gals needed me to keep them going. I love this back to back long runs.

Saturday March 19: Portland Pacing 14 mi 02:10 09:16 pace

Perfect day for a run on Leif today. I pushed my gal who had 14 on her training plan. Everyone else in my group only had 9 miles so I made her push the last 5 miles with me. She did great! It felt really easy today. Can you please tell me why Leif is uphill both ways?? :)

Friday March 18 : 30 min swim

Thursday March 17: 30 min swim and 15-15-15 pull ups with 40lb assit

Wednesday March 16: Evening track was 1 mile (we just cheered on the group and did 1/2 mile warm up and cool down) However, during day I did..

day track for gflf 2.08 mi 00:16 07:37 pace

2 lap warm up

10 push ups

Run 100

20 jumping jacks

Run 100

30 Mt. Climbers

Run 100

40 squats

Run 100 Repeat and 2 lap cool down (I did 4 lap cool down) Cool down was 8:08 mile. Pretty easy and felt good. So happy to see my times come back down. I'm not a sprinter nor do I play one on tv. I can not sprint.

Before my day track I did this workout:

3 rounds of 1 min each

push ups

3way knees


inchworm 8 ct.


then one round of

35knee raisers with 10lb ball between knees

35 dips

35 straight arm tri lifts

35 overhead arm press

Tuesday March 22: Fartleckish run 5.13 mi 00:39 07:34 pace

No track tonight but a few people still showed up. So I made them do a modified Fartleck. I made them warm up for 1/2 mile (10:30 was as fast as we went) Then we were on for 15 seconds I would give them 1 min rest of easy jog in which my group would jog back to the slower group. Then we would be on for 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 1 min. then a 15-30-45-1min again. We had to take a few longer breaks because of traffic so we could time the 'on' part to a non-stop light area. I was very happy with my 'on' pace. Everytime except the last 1min 'on' was sub 6min pace. My last 1 min 'on' pace was 6:20. I had to slow the inbetween jogs to catch up and keep my guys going. Must be the reason I hit such a good pace, I had a long recovery. All in all, I'm happy.

Sunday March 13:10 mile run

Sat March 12: 10 mile run

Wednesday March 9: 5 miles and morning weights

Tuesday March 8: 4.13 miles

Sunday March 6: 10 mile run

Saturday March5: 10 mile run

and so on and so forth....with a little swimming here and there and a sick kid or two or four. Trip to the hospital and such. You know the everyday stuff.

This weekend 16 miles on Sat and 14 miles on Sunday.

What? Recap

Last night was the What? run for Vancouver USA Marathon. If you were not one of the 100 people there last night, I'm sorry. You missed out of free race entries like:Rum Run, Earth Day Run, Ft. Vancouver Race, 1/2 marathon at the Vancouver Marathon and, of coarse, the Full Marathon. You also missed gift cards to Foot Traffic and Fit Right NW. Oh and I finally got my I'm training for Vancouver USA Marathon tech shirt. Sweet!

We only have two more What? runs left.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 - Tommy O's

Tuesday, May 17, 2011 - The Rock Wood Fired Pizza

Don't miss out on some great giveaways and make some new friends. I'm glad I was able to go last night. I saw two friends I haven't seen in months and made a new friend. Laugh and run on, my friends!