Sunday, December 26, 2010

Running is more fun with friends!

Sometimes running is just more fun with friends!

It might just be a chick thing but I really like running with friends more than solo training runs. I have different friends to run with based on what my training plan calls for.
Hill repeats=Ed.
Long runs at a steady quick pace=Laura
Recovery fun runs=Diana and Jami
Hard tempo runs=Stephanie
Push myself on a track workout=Dave
Fartleck run=Christina (also my coach, she can somehow make me run a 7 minute mile. I don't run 7 minute miles.)
A soothing pep talk run and quality time run=Aric (my hubby)

Training for and staying on track for the Vancouver Marathon=RunOregon peeps and my Get Fit Live Fit peeps (also co-sponsors for the Vancouver Marathon and have excellent training programs: I'm biased because I started running with them 2 1/2 years ago when I first started running) I have even talked a few of the Get Fit Live Fit Pacers into running the Vancouver Marathon with me. We call this blackmail. ;)

So if you don't have your own Dave, Stephanie, Laura, or Jami. Come down to the next What? free run or sign up with Get Fit Live Fit or Foot Traffic University to get your own personal support group.

More stats and info about the What? runs and Vancouver Marathon:

The next free What? run in on Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at The Rock Wood Fired Pizza in Vancouver.

The run starts at 6pm, however, get there early because the first 10 people get a free "I'm Training for the Vancouver Marathon shirt. I never seem to get there before you guys (may have something to do with four kids under 6 years old or something?) to get my shirt.

If you haven't been to one of these free fun runs you are missing out. They always have lots of free give aways. Cool prizes like race entries.

Oh and I just found out that Bart Yasso will be attending the Vancouver Marathon Expo and will be announcing the race. This is no small marathon production. They will have Alberto Salazar, Lynn Jennings, and Bart Yasso speaking the day before the marathon. Laugh and run on, my friends!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

This is what I want for Christmas...

1. A fully healed IT Band so I can run farther than 4 miles.
2. To have a family run once a week with all kids.
3. A bag from BellaLise. This kind especially:

4. An aporn from BellaLise.

So go to and get me one. I guess you could get one for you, too.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Running is fun!

That's right I said running is fun. Oh and it makes me happy, too. I've been back running for two weeks now. My husband say's I'm so much nicer and the kids are happy to be running, too. Today while the hubby ran his 5 miles, I took the kids on a walk/run. Alexis, Avery, and Alexander ran 1 mile. Ayden ran at least 1.25 miles if not more. He would run ahead and then run back, run ahead and then run back. When we turned around at the 1/2 mile mark he said he was not done. He declared he wanted more miles. The other kids clamored that they wanted at least 3 miles. I smiled and had to break their little hearts with a, sorry we only have time for 1 mile. Whoever thought I would have to argue with my kids that they can only run a mile today? When we arrived back at the car, Ayden demanded that he needed more miles. I relented with you can do hill repeats on that .10 hill while we wait for dad. That kids never stopped. Then when dad came back he ran another one just to show dad how fast he was. Cute.

(If you look in the distance you will see my oldest three way ahead of the baby)

I'm spoiled. My mom plays with the kids while I run or get my workouts in. My husband and I have arranged our whole schedule so I can pace lead in Portland on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. Vancouver on Tuesday nights and Sunday mornings. How spoiled am I? So when asked what I want for Christmas all I can say is... to run with my family. That's all I need and want. I'm very blessed. My kids beg me to have one more minute reading. Or they beg me to go workout with me. Or they beg hubby and I to run with us. Yep I have a rough life. NOT!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Crappy month!

This month has been hard. My Uncle Bill passed away. That has been hard to come to terms with. On top of that Saturday at 1am our dear friend Ken passed away. Aric just had band practice with him on Friday night. Training has been few this month. Because of my IT band, the girls school (I help out Monday's and Friday's on top of Teaching Art Adventure for two classes), kids getting sick, me getting sick, my uncle passing, and now our friend. I am more motivated to workout, to stay healthy for my husband and kids. Now to get healthy so I can workout. ")

This is what my husband wrote about our friend passing away. I think it's well put. He had a hard time writing it and was crying while writing. My hubby has a big heart.

Ken Giere was a fantastic musician. I met him in February of this year, when I replied to a Craigslist posting for a bass player. I was looking for a new band, and they were looking for a new bass player. I called the number listed in the ad, and the voice at the other end was friendly, honest, and knowledgeable. Ken and I spoke for the better part of an hour that first day, and I was really excited about the prospect of auditioning his band.

It was several weeks before an audition time was available, and I drove to the location with the map he sent me. It was thorough and accurate, by the way, which was a good thing because the house was well out of town in the hills. I grabbed my gear and headed into the practice room to find a big, affable fellow parked behind the keyboard. That’s probably how I’ll always remember him. He always sat in the same spot, the same way, every rehearsal. Like a tired St. Bernard on his favorite warm rug, he looked very comfortable there. That’s where he wanted to be. He belonged there.

When we began playing, I was hooked by his style and his taste. He and I spent the better part of that evening, and so many evenings since, testing each other’s musical chops. He would play the intro to a song, looking slyly at me with his eyebrow raised. Without a hitch, I’d sing the first line of “I’ve seen that Movie, Too.” A smile would spread across his face and we’d jam through most of the song, exuberant that someone else shared our obscure musical predilections.

It wasn’t just music. There was a real kinship in the band, and with our families and friends. He was loved for who he was, his personality, his wise-cracks, his kindness. And his cooking! That man could whip up a mean Mexican food feast. I’ve never been in a band that had such a family feel, and so much of that was his presence.

And so it was for the rest of our time together in Hot Audio. Every rehearsal, he’d say “what about…” and the next several minutes would be a trip through musical nostalgia where we’d get to impress each other. It made him happy. It made me happy. In fact, just this past Friday night, that’s how things went. It was a happy evening, and I waved goodbye to Ken Giere for the last time.

Sometime that night, around 1:00AM I’m told, Ken suffered a massive heart attack in his sleep and died. That great smile, that whip-smart sense of humor, all that kindness and talent; all of it ended there that night. At least, in the corporeal sense it ended. The memory of those things is so fresh in so many of his friends and his family, in me, that I can’t really say it will ever truly end. Nor will the loss that we feel ever truly end.

Goodbye, Ken. Making music without you will be bitter in your absence, but sweet in your memory.

Aric's Grandma who left us to be in heaven this year.
My Uncle Bill.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sleeping is hard to do... but not eating

Aric is gone this weekend in Tulsa, teaching. Which means I don't cook (read we eat like crap) and I don't sleep (less than usual)
Tonight to keep myself awake I went on a reading rampage. What made me say, 'what the ??' is when people write about how to eat healthy for inexpensive. Really? Can you feed six very active people for less than $1000 a month? Not with the crazy recipes I see them display for 'cheap' healthy foods. Salmon and asparagus. For six would cost me a weeks worth of dinners. I on the other hand make things like:

Black eye peas and rice with turkey bacon. Green peas for veggies.
Bag of black eye peas $1.19
Rice $1.54 (for whole bag we use about .42 worth)
Turkey bacon $1.89
Onion $.35
Peas $.50

A dinner and two lunches worth for $4.35

Now that's a low fat, high fiber, healthy inexpensive meal!
(I love to eat salads and throw whatever is in the fridge into it)

Homemade cheesy broccoli soup

Extra Sharp cheddar $2.99
Ramono cheese $.50
Onion $.45
Veggie stock $1.25
Broccoli $2.69
Butter $.35
Flour $.02

Price $8.25. Whole broccoli used. Healthy inexpensive meal! Again one dinner and two lunches. It makes a large amount, but the kids eat so much of it I have to make such a big batch.

I have so many recipes that I like to make to keep the prices down. They might not be fancy but they taste good and are good for you. I feed my whole family for about $800 a month. We do not eat out but maybe a lunch a month. It's usually a treat like taco bell, junkie and a cheap treat. Every once in a blue moon we eat at Izzy's, because the kids like it for some reason.

So what do you cook? What's your favorite meal?

Last night's fun

21 -60lb lat pulls
21-push ups
21-8lbs flies
21-15lb upright rows each arm
21-Thurster squats with 15lbs each hand
15 -70lb lat pulls
15-push ups
15-8lbs flies
15-20lb upright rows each arm
15-Thurster squats with 20lbs each hand\
9 -80lb lat pulls
9-push ups
9-8lbs flies
9-25lb upright rows each arm
9-Thurster squats with 25lbs each hand
9 -80lb lat pulls
9-push ups
9-8lbs flies
9-25lb upright rows each arm
9-Thurster squats with 25lbs each hand\
15 -70lb lat pulls
15-push ups
15-8lbs flies
15-20lb upright rows each arm
15-Thurster squats with 20lbs each hand\
21 -60lb lat pulls
21-push ups
21-8lbs flies
21-15lb upright rows each arm
21-Thurster squats with 15lbs each hand
Then we did plank for 1 min followed by 1 min of sit-ups (25 for me)
then plank 1 min and 1 min sit-ups (20 for me)
then plank 1 min and 1 min sit-ups (20 for me)
then plank 1 min and 1 min sit-ups (19 for me)
then plank 1 min and 1 min sit-ups (20 for me)

Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm a junkie...

a workout junkie, that is. I was an idiot and ramped my miles up too quickly and now am paying the pied pipper. My IT band hurts. OK, not hurts as in oh ouch I stubbed my toe. No it brings me to my knees. My wonderful husband has been rolling, rubbing, and just beating the crap out of my IT for me, yet to no avail. It still hurts. Today I was able to do a whole mile and a half of running before it screamed at me to stop. So what to do? I'm feeling my fitness slip away. I can kiss my PR that I was going to run at the girlfriends half marathon on October 17th good-bye. I won't be able to run 8:15's for the half. Now I'm not sure I'll even be able to run it at all.

I guess when you can't do what you love, you find alternatives to get your fix. I will be cross-training doing swimming, spinning, and cross-fit. It's easy to get a run in when you have kids, it's hard to get the time to cross-train when you have kids. I will just have to be creative I guess. Maybe call in a few favors and begging of my mom and sister in law. What do you do when you can't run?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What? Already another fun run with the Vancouver Marathon peeps?

When: Tuesday September 21 at 6pm

Where: Vancouver Hilton

Why: Seriously that's just a silly question. Because it's fun. Free prizes. Free race entries. Free fun!

I personally am going to be one of the first 10 people to show up so I can get the "I'm training for the Vancouver Marathon" shirt. For FREE! Yeah, baby. Mama likes free. It's within my budget. See you guys there tonight. Laugh and run on, my friends!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Warrior Dash...great now I have a rash.

On Sunday I journeyed with four friends (one of whom was our own personal photographer) to North Plains for the Warrior Dash. My day started off like any other. Get up before kids, make coupious amounts of food for the kids, feed kids, clean kids, and then dress the kids. A process I have down to a 30 min science. A non-stop 30 minutes of go, go, go. Because if you don't hussle there is going to be blood and it's usually mine. :)
After the battle at home was won, I kissed the hubby and reminded him why he loves me as I dashed out the door to meet my friends. The five of us carpooled to the race. Which was wise because it was a good 1/2 mile warm up to get to the registation table.
(photo courtsey of Quisa Morrow)
This is Dave and I checking in.

Once we all checked in, it may or may not have been a race between my good friend Dave and I as to who could get the chip onto their shoe the fastest. A little caveat about my friend Dave and I is that we rib each other in every workout or run we do. We encourage each other but also push each other. Some days he stomps me (always in workouts) and some day's I stomp him (Warning! Caveat coming. Sometimes on our runs because if I hear him behind me I can bust out a pretty quick pace just so I can rib him about it until he beats me) So to say that we are a little competitive with each other would be the understatment of the year.

So here we are all bibbed (is that even a word?) up and ready to race. 

I think one of my favorite parts of this race was the people. I love to people watch and let me tell you Warrior Dash is like people watching on steroids. I mean check out some of the people we saw in our little time frame. 

Who doesn't love the TMNT?

Or these guys in suits. Sweet!

So after some great people watching we watched our friends take off in the 10:30 wave. Then my friend Dave and I talked and jumped into our chute and chatted away until it was 11:00 and we were released. It was everything I read about in Joe's post about the down hill start. My friend and I must have passed at least 30 people on that trail going down. Then it was all up hill from there baby. I mean UP HILL. I may have cursed my coach while going up the hills because just the day before we did stair repeats. Three miles of Stair repeats. Oh, my quads my poor quads. But you know it was great to see all the costumes as I passed them. You know the saying, "It's all fun and games until someone gets dunked in the log rolls." What? Never heard that saying? Well it should be a rule. They said the log roll water was only waist deep, yeah maybe if you are 6' 5". Dude, this 5' 6" chick did not have waist deep water. The nice part was that people behind you helped roll the log over, to get you on the other side. I like to think it was all about the men behind me being gentlemen and helping a lady. No. It was not. As soon as I finished all the logs and was trying to climb claw my way to up the muddy bank I was knocked pushed over no less than four times. Yeah, thanks guys. Then again I might have been giggling like a little school girl once I was passing those same guys on the trail a minute later. What? You would have done the same thing.

At this point I could do a blow by blow of the course and how hilly the thing was but you already recieved that information from Joe's post. However, I want you to realize how much fun it is to run with friends. I was on the last hill about to do the last two obstacles when I slowed to a walk to look for my friend Dave. He was behind me at the halfway mark, yelling at me to hurry up and pass that guy in front of me. So I thought he was still close behind. At this point I knew I had the fire logs and mud pit left, and I wanted to finish it with my friend. So I walked. I walked really slow, heck I even walked backwards up the hill thinking he must just be a few seconds behind me. I waiting for what seemed like 7 mins (it was probly more like 4 minutes) waiting for my friend. He still wasn't there by the time I was at the top of the hill so I decided I would just have to finish without him. (Although, I did tell him I had enough time to take a nap and eat lunch while I waited for him. So you guys are going to have to back my story up if he ever asks. ) I did the most beautiful jump over the fire logs you ever did see and then it was onto the mud pit.

These are my friends going through the mud pit. You have to crawl in the mud under barbed wire before you run to the finish line. A little known fact about me is that I hate... HATE... to get dirty. Muddy is several steps beyond dirty. So for me to do a crawl through the mud and not have it be to rescue my kids from the pits of hell is saying something.

Can you see me hating this part? Well I didn't. I was already muddy and wet so the competitive side kicked in. I kinda had fun through this part. Yes, I giggled like an idiot while running through the finish line.
My friend was 1.5 minutes behind me. But when he came through we smiled and said, "Next year...." That's right we are already planning on running it again next year if they come back through the NW. Only next time my hubby is coming, too. I can't wait to share it with him next year and with more friends. It was so much fun.

After the race you can hike another 1/2 mile to the wash off area. My friends and I dubbed this the Roman bath. It's a pond that was clear yesterday but after thousands of people 'clean' off in it. Well it was not clear as you can see.

Once we were clean and changed we took our muddy shoes to the donatation area. Warrior Dash cleans them and recycles them.

This is us happy to be clean and not taking our smelly shoes home with us. Our friend Quisa told us all to flex our Warrior muscles for the camera. After that is was beer time. We wandered down to the beer garden to listen to the band, which was great because they played Fat Bottom Girls by Queen. Not many bands can pull that one off. Being married to a muscian who does a spot on Freddy Mercury vocal impression I have an ear for such things.

While in the beer and food area we found our beloved 'suit guys' again.

While they were waiting for the next band to set up, the mc had the people doing crazy dancing. A train line, people on each others shoulders, hokey pokey, and running man were just a few of the dances he had them do. It was AWESOME!

I must say, this is the one race you must do for fun. It's not for time. It's for a good time. Next year I recommend grabbing a few friends and heading down to the Warrior Dash. You just might be lucky enough to get some cool battle scars like my friend Dave. Laugh and run on, my friends!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday's musings.

I have been busy these last few weeks (who hasn't) with getting school stuff together, finishing the add-on to the house (namely the master bedroom and another bathroom), and just finding places to stick all our crap after the move.

I am happy to report we have found our living room floor. It was piled with boxes of 'what do we have this' kind of crap. I'd would call it stuff but it's plain and simple crap. Nothing more than a misc sock, kites, and hair things.

This last week I was able to get back into working out. Here is what I did:

Yesterday (Thursday 9/9)
12 miles of hills. At a 9:02 pace. I was tired and hungry. But it was a run.

(I would call this a speed bump. This is what the small hills looked like)

Wednesday 9/8
I did a 3/4 mile swim in the morning with my friend Stephanie. I was supposed to have track practice but I have been wanting to try a crossfit class, so I did that instead.
1 hour of crossfit. So much fun. I think I will add this to my weekly workouts.

Tuesday 9/7
4 rounds of each

inchworm down and back in raquetball court

21 turkish get ups with 10lbs each side

21 box jumps on 20 inch box

21 push ups with 10lbs each side

21 hanging knee lifts to elbow

It was supposed to be only 3 rounds but my buddy Dave was there so a challenge what thrown out about doing one more when we were done. Who am I to say no? :)

Monday 9/6
I did a recovery run. 4 miles at 8:22 pace.
Mile 1-
Mile 2-
Mile 3-
Mile 4
Sunday 9/5
My big 15 miler















Yep, hated mile 13-15. It's uphill and I was done.
I took Friday and Saturday as a rest day. Well Saturday I made two birthday cakes for my girls birthday and Friday we spent all day at Enchanted Forest. So not a real 'rest' day but a day of not workouts.
Thursday night was first thursday 9/ 2
3 miles. I didn't really feel like running. Did a 3/4 mile swim in the morning.
4x25 free

4x25 kick only

4x25 free

4x25 arms only

4x25 free

4x25 kick only

4x25 free

4x25 arms only

10x25 sprint (did the first one at 19 seconds. the rest at 23 seconds. )
Tuesday 9/1
5 rounds of each

1 min dips on ball

1 min push-ups with 5lbs each arm (switch after 30 seconds)

1 min tri push ups

1 min hanging knee lifts

1 min 8 count's
Monday 8/31
10 mile run at 8:05 pace. I have no idea how that happened. I felt great and my friend and I chatted the whole way. I took Hammer gel at 1/2 hour mark and 1 hour mark.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Warrior Dash here I come.

You friends are great for a run or for suggesting you try a race with them. My friend Dave signed up for the warrior dash that has coined the phrase "Craziest freakin' day of your life". It looks like fun but to call it the craziest freakin' day of your life might be over the top. I've done some fun and crazy things in my short 33 years. Competing in a triathlon with only 5 bike rides under your belt. Pretty crazy. Giving birth to four kids, crazy and fun. Raising four said crazy kids... an adventure that changes everyday. So bring on the Warrior Dash. I can handle you.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why do I run?

There is a contest at Run Like a Mother that begs the question:

When I run, I feel…. (They had four ellipsis' when you only use three grammatically speaking)

I said that it makes me feel like me. Running is the one time it’s all about me, Angela. Not mom, not wife, not blogger, not friend. Running is where I get to be me, just Angela. It's refreshing when I run, bike, swim, or workout, I get to demand only what I can give. I'm the only one asking me what can I give of myself. This might sound a little strange or coincided. Let me attempt to explain.

My life revolves around taking care of my husband and children, which I love! Please don't ever think I'm one of those mom's or wives who runs away from their family. I really enjoy playing with my kids all day. I have, however, made a small shift this last year to focus on me, too. By this I mean to focus on my athletic abilities. To push myself and see what I can do. The problem has become that I am meeting a lot of resistance to achieve this. I like to think of myself as a giving person and I really do love doing for others. So when I changed to do something for me, it's not surprising that a rebel force has joined together to squish that goal. I can see the land mines placed before me each day to derail my training plan. So far the land mines and hand grenades have out witted me.

I started a training program on June 14th. Do you know how many day's I've been able to stick to that training program? 10 days. None of them the running days. All were cross training days.  It's stressing me out. The training program is easy. Very doable. That is unless you have four children to take care and a husband who is working full time and going to school full time. Oh, and he plays in a band. Now don't get me wrong I don't want my husband to stop doing any of those things. He needs to do those things. Don't forget moving into a small house that we own and have to fix up because the renters didn't do the house any justice. The last two months have been the most stressful months since I was a kid and I am unable to workout to relax. I think I'm more upset that I was letting other people place their problems and expectations on me and my family. Free help is never free and it's never worth the strings attached. I know that but I think someone else had to learn that and still has not learned that lesson. So they are stressed and waging a battle with me. Here's the thing. I'm not playing in that sandbox anymore. I'm done fighting the wrong battle. It's not worth it. So here's where I am going from here on.

I'm getting back on my training program. Getting back my upbeat outlook on life. Life is far too short to stress about the little things. Who cares that I'm living in limbo in a really small, smelly house? The upside? A ginormous back and front yard that is a clean palate to design as I wish! The children have a very safe and fun place to play outside! My husband is busy and needs the evening to do homework. I am changing to working out in early morning again. I enjoy the cooler and quieter hours of the am anyway. The girls will be in school next month and that means I can run during the mornings with my friend Laura. I'll find a double stroller and run with my boys. This will give me more outside quality time with them. I'm going to get a sub 4 hour marathon next June. Hopefully better, but that won't happen if I fight the wrong battles. Besides I think I'm someone worth fighting for not against.

So I run to remember me. Not to run away from things but to come back me. Fun, optimistic, sarcastic, sexy, hard working, me. Angela! Laugh and run on, my friends!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm a triathlete

To get a full picture of my first triathlon we must first rewind to June 22, 2010. I decide I'm going to do a triathlon. I've been swimming 12 whole times in the last, 15 years and it was all done within the last two months. I figured, hey I can finally swim non-stop for 5 whole mins. Why not do a triathlon? Which one to pick was easy for a two fold reason:

1. A few of my friends were doing the girlfriends and dudes triathlon.

2. I love any event Sherri owner of NW personal Training puts on. Since they were putting on the triathlon I was sold.

At this point I tell my friends I'm going to do it. Another one of my friends lends me his really nice Lemond road bike, complete with clip in pedals. My first question about the bike was how much does it cost? You know for when I crash I know how much of my savings is going to disappear. I'm practical that way. He told me how much and I said, "Holy moly, Can I borrow your less expensive mt. bike instead?" To which he laughed and said no, you have to use this one. OK, but will we still be friends after it comes back all dinged up? I wonder in my head. So a week or two pass and I pick up his bike from his house and meet my friend who has been teaching me how to swim for a ride. A few points about biking must be observed here:

1. It's best to have the owner of the bike teach you how to use his clip in pedals.

2. Learning how to unclip is (I think) the most important thing you must first learn how to do. Especially if you are a person with control issues (not that I know anything about being a control freak or anything. I've read about it. Yep, just did some research about it. What?)

3. Shifting makes hills a breeze. Also something you must have an experienced rider teach you.

4. "Those" sensitive areas will hate you after your first and second ride, no matter how thick or good your bike shorts are.

5. Get a bike that fits you, otherwise you will have cramps in hips and arms from some freakishly long legs that you inherited.

6. You are going to forget to upclip and fall. Just smile and laugh. I fell twice. Both while stopped. Both in front of lots of people. I laughed both times. Luckily only my pride was hurt.

7. If you borrow a friends really cool spendy bike, you will be ruined and want one as good (or better).

8. If you really want to do a fast time on the bike leg, you must practice riding more than 5 times. Sal-ave

My thoughts on the running part was, easy. I know how to run. This will just be the icing on the cake. No need to get any runs in. No need to practice the transition from bike to running. Really how hard can that be? (sure my mom's voice rang in my own head about you might want to practice this before the race but I shushed it with a quip about when will I find any extra time to do that?)

So the day before the race goes a little something like this: Get to bed at 12:30 am. Wake up at 2:30 because Ayden peed his bed. Wake up at 3:12am because Zander wants a sip of water and get into the room in time to hear Ayden say "Zander it's OK, mom's coming. Are you OK honey? Hush, sweetie mom's on her way" (cute huh?) Wake up again at 5:12 am because Zander is awake. Get some packing and work done on our house we are moving into (did I forget to mention I'm remodeling a house and moving into it this month? Oh not just a small remodel, a let's add a bathroom and another bedroom remodel. We can do it ourselves and save lots of money.yeah, that's smart.) Feed all kids, kiss husband and make a quick dash to Frenchman's bar to do a practice swim with about 50 other people and NWPT. Come back. Run errands all day and work on house some more. Take kids to my mom's house to stay the night (because I fool myself that I'm going to get to bed early tonight) Go back to house work, realize it's getting late and head home to an empty house. My husband has a gig in Klicktat and won't be home until 2am. It far too quiet for me to sleep. Finally at 11:30 sleep takes over and I'm up at 4:30 because I don't know what to do with that much sleep.

Day of the race. Once up, I get on the computer and waste far too much time reading and then my friend shows up and we load her car up. Then we pick up our other friend and were off to our first triathlon. Once we arrived at Frenchman's bar we sprayed each other down with mosquito spray and sunscreen. Off to get marked (something I tell my kids never to do and knew I'd get an earful from them when I got home). From there we set up our transition area (to which I just looked at everyone else's set up and just copied) Here is where having friends with you makes it fun. We giggled, took pictures and just kept each other busy. I played the part of mom and help with my friends shorts (the string decided to disappear), made sure everyone peed, and had sunscreen on.

It was time and Sherri, did some announcements that sounded more like a comedy bit than boring announcements. She is one funny gal. We did our 1/2 mile walk (a warm up Sherri said) to the swim start. The charity wave went first and then it was my turn to get in the water. Once in I turned to all the gals around me and said, "This is just a blanket apology right now. I'm going to bump into you during the swim and I'm sorry." We all chatted and laughed. Then we were off. Here are a few things I learned on the swim:

1. You are going to get swam over. Don't panic. Stop and let them go.

2. Get over it and put your head in the water. Don't think about the fish pee and poop (or worse) in the water. If you don't it's going to take a long time to finish your swim.

3. When you finally do get your head in the water look up often. You are more than likely going the wrong way.

4. Waves suck. And if you are facing the wrong way on a wave you will suck in water.

5. If you are going to use a wetsuit, use one that fits. I borrowed one from a friend and it was a bit big.

I was so happy when the I saw the chute at the end of the swim. Off like a flash I was on my way to my first transistion area. I decided to heck with being shy about my stretch marks it was hot. I'm biking in just my skirt and sports bra. I down a gu (because I ate at 4:45am I was hungry) drank some water and was out to bike. At this point I felt great. I pedaled my little heart out, but slowed to a crawl on the 180 turns and upcliped my left leg just because I was scared to fall and lose time (Yes, I'm a bit competitive) So I'm cruising along and passing a lot of people I was passed by one gal who was Tracy with Max Muscle in Vancouver. She rode beside me and shouted some encouragement and then was gone. That did help me pick up my pace. On to the next transition.

Now this one was hard. I wasn't tired from the bike, my legs just didn't work. My hubby had made it down to encourage me and ended up running the last leg with me. He must of seen the 'What the ???' look on my face when I dismounted the bike and knew I need some distraction. This was my favorite and worst part of the tri. My favorite because my husband and I were able to spend some time together sans kids. Favorite because my husband supported me and distracted me. Worse because I ran a really slow 5k (for me) and it hurt. Favorite because you get to do an out and back so I was able to cheer on people and my friends on the way back. That was cool.

I sprinted when I saw that finish chute. And when I crossed that line, I was freaking proud and couldn't wait to do it next year. When you cross that line they hand you an ice cold bottle of water and your necklace that is better than a medal (In my never humble opinion). The volunteers were so nice, the course was pretty, the participants were encouraging, and the staff of NWPT were so positive. If you ever want to do a Triathlon for the first time, I recommend doing this one. Join me next year as I try again only with more training. My little girls said I had to win first place next year. I guess 2nd in my age group and 12th women overall is just not good enough. And that's ok. I'm ready to come back next year and do it again. How about you?

Laugh and run/bike/swim on, my friends!

Go here to get full results.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I want to be like Mike...

OK, not Michael Jordan (who for the record was the best basketball player ever) not really.

I want to be cool like my friends, Kim and Christina. Let me provide some background.

I was swimming with one of my friends this morning and he complemented me on how relaxed and fast I am swimming. I laughed and said, "Thanks, but I'm not fast. Kim and Christina are fast. They amaze me. One day I'm going to beat them in the pool and in a race. Sure it won't be anytime soon, but someday I will." Cocky huh? Well I don't mean it that way. I got to thinking. It sounds like all I care about is being faster than so and so. No that's not it. To me it is like this:

I admire and am inspired at how hard Kim and Christina work at becoming faster or better a whatever it might be. I equate their speed and success as some of the top people running and swimming. So to me it means that if I can hang with them or beat them, then I have achieved real fitness. Silly I know. To me it kind puts a stamp that I'm competent and a serious athlete. That and I always believe in setting goals that are ones you must work to obtain. I think I can obtain that level of fitness and am having a blast working towards that goal.

So when I say "I'm gonna beat them someday." It means I have to work really freaking hard to catch and pass them. Which is a big motivator for me. Because I hold them in high praises and if I'm at their level then I know I have worked hard. And to me working hard and obtaining a goal is one of the best things in the world.

So what athlete do you hold in high regard?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Flat Half and a PR

I had a near perfect 4th of July. Ran the Foot Traffic Flat Half in the morning with friends. Obtained a PR. My husband cleaned the house while I ran. Family Reunion (with the expection of my dad being there it was fun) Then as a family we went to a block party where my husband's band was playing. Danced for 2 hours (or more I don't know) with the kids. Finished it all off with fireworks in the warmth of our car. A good day indeed.

The half marathon was the most relaxed I have ever ran 13.1 miles. I thought we were farther towards the start so the first mile we couldn't go any faster because of the sheer mass of people. Thanks to Laura for pushing and pacing me. She rocks. Thanks to Christina for the help in the warm up and tips. Thanks to Diana for being such a great cheerleader. Thanks to Jami for hanging out with us, being funny as all heck, and driving me home. So here are my splits.

Mile 1-8:43
Mile 2-8:07 (opps: Laura slow down ;p)
Mile 3-8:24
Mile 4-8:22
Mile 5-8:18
Mile 6-8:21
Mile 7-8:18

Mile 8-8:19
Mile 9-8:28
Mile 10-8:17
Mile 11-8:21
Mile 12-8:26

Mile 13-8:11
Last .1- (7:53 pace)


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Boobs again?

Here is my all time favorite Bra. The Handful. I have five of them.

So here is your chance to save a little, too. They are fantastic for gel's and little tan lines. More on that later.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Today...well, today we all made it through the day.

Today has been for some reason a hard day. Maybe because it was a rest day. Maybe because everything hit me today. Here's a short list of some of the things running in my head. I think it has to do with me having a 'rest' day that my mind decides to use that extra energy.

1. We are moving. Again. I'm so sick of moving. Really done with it. My husband likes to blame me as the reason we move so much. Not sure that's really it. We own two houses and rent the house we are in now. Crazy huh? Here's why. The big house we own (3400 sqft on 1.34 acres) has a mortgage of $2450 a month. It was fine, when we had his full income and my mother lived with us. Well, in an effort to have a relationship with my mother (we my mom and I) decided that this just was not going to work. So this one was my fault. Sure. So we tried to scrape by in that house until it sold. Housing market crashed and let's say the $100,000 we put as a down payment on the house is no more. We would be lucky to break even. I mean lucky. So I being the creative mover and shaker that I am found renters. They lasted 6 months then I found another set of renters. They lasted about 6 months. I couldn't find renters so we moved back into the house. A few months after being back in the house I found renters again and we moved into a rental house. Where we are now. So why are be moving again? Back into that house? Nope. Into our other rental. This rental we co-own with my MIL and step-FIL. We've had renters in there, but they are a month behind (for like the last year). We made enough to pay the mortgage and a little extra so we didn't care. Well, now they are moving out, which is good. However, the house is in need of a new roof and sliding and yard work and... and... and. So we thought we would move into the house to do the repairs. Because honestly there is now way I have time to do any repairs unless we live there. On top of that it's only an $800 a month mortgage. So we will save over $ 700 a month just on rent/mortgage if we move in. This all sounds like a win-win right? Well, the down side is the house is only 1100 sq ft. I know I'm spoiled. But six people in a house that small? Did I mention the one bathroom issue? My kids always decide they have to go poop at the same time. I may have gone outside to pee before. I'm just saying.

2. I'm so busy trying to fit in workouts so I don't explode. But my mom is working and I don't want to overwhelm my SIL.

3. We are broke. Hubby going to school full time and working. Me trying to feed and cloth six people. One of which is me and I eat a freaking lot of food. I eat about 2000-3500 cal a day. That adds up. Especially when it's all good for you food.

4. The kids were either trying to kill me or drive me insane today. I'm not sure which.

5. I'm trying to figure out the whole move thing and have it not affect my husband's schedule or make it stress the kids out.

6. I miss hanging out with my mom. She's working a full time job and I don't get to call her up and say 'hey, let's go to the zoo'.

7. My father (or not my father if you ask him) said a bunch of horrible and mean things to me. I know he's crazy and I shouldn't let it get to me. But you know what I'm pissed. I'm trying to take the high road, but part of me really wants to get back at him for the crap he's done for the last umm....32 years. Let's just say when I got married he showed up drunk to my wedding. When my husband and I went to go buy a house I found out he had been using my social security number to rack up debt and collections to the tune of $3,000. He stole one of my cars from me. It just goes on and on. I am at the point where I really want justice to be done.

8. Avery is having a hard time hearing again. We go to the doctor on Wednesday. She loses part of her hearing whenever she gets sick. Usually it returns quickly, but it's been two weeks and she is still having a hard time. Poort thing.

Off to bed, before I really start sharing too much. I'm going to go kiss each kid like I do every night and thank God for them and my husband.

OH, I did find this one blog that made me smile.
Check it out.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

For Breakfast the kids and I made Whole Wheat French Toast and pork bacon for Aric. Happy Father's Day to the most amazing father. Thank you for taking such good care of our kids. I love you!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My training for the marathon will include...

I have one whole year to get in shape for my very first marathon. I will be using the First program, for a few reasons:

1. Whenever I run more than 35 miles a week I get injured.

2. I need to cross train to keep from being injured.

3. A friend who has completed 17 marathons, who also can't run over 35 miles/week without injury, recommended I try this program.

4. I think I would get really bored with just running to get in shape. I know that sounds strange, but it's not if you know me. I'm finicky. I like to keep things interesting because I bore easily. (Hush, husband! I know, I know.)

5. I want to be agressive in my training because it fits my personality.

6. I enjoy cross training.

So I am going to try to swim twice a week, run three (quality) times a week, bike once a week, and lift weights twice a week. To keep things interesting I will throw a few races in to keep me on track, but use them as training runs.

July 4th I will be running the Foot Traffic Half with friends Christina, Lynn (She's doing the full... you Rock!), Morgan, and Laura.

July 25 I will run my first triathlon. The girlfriends and Dude's tri with my firends Jami, Amy, Andrew, and Larissa.

August 7th is SkirtChaser in Vancouver. I'm helping Fit Right and SkirtSports with this race and need lots of volunteers. Post a note if you can help.

August 27-28 is Hood to Coast. Running with hubby and a whole host of friends. This will be hubby's first time running it and my second time.

October 17 is Girlfriends Half Marathon. One of my favorite's because it was my first race half.

Nov I always do the Clark County Turkey Trot.

This is what I have for now. I know it will grow, but that only depends on my pocket book. Races are expensive. So what do you have in store for this year?

Friday, June 18, 2010

A nice friendly workout....

turkish get ups 2 each side start with 5lbs and go until failure. I made it to 30lbs

lat pulls start 30 x10 (I about smacked myself in face it was so light..kinda funny) then up to 60lbs x5 and go up 10lbs each turn until failure. I made it to 120lbs

Then 10 rounds of :

5-tri-ceps push-ups

I did all on my toes.

And so did Diana.

1 min wall sits.

myself and Diana (in white shirt) happy we were on #10 of wall sits. Erin and Laura also happy.

And as a reward 15 mins of hamstring stretching