Monday, June 21, 2010

Today...well, today we all made it through the day.

Today has been for some reason a hard day. Maybe because it was a rest day. Maybe because everything hit me today. Here's a short list of some of the things running in my head. I think it has to do with me having a 'rest' day that my mind decides to use that extra energy.

1. We are moving. Again. I'm so sick of moving. Really done with it. My husband likes to blame me as the reason we move so much. Not sure that's really it. We own two houses and rent the house we are in now. Crazy huh? Here's why. The big house we own (3400 sqft on 1.34 acres) has a mortgage of $2450 a month. It was fine, when we had his full income and my mother lived with us. Well, in an effort to have a relationship with my mother (we my mom and I) decided that this just was not going to work. So this one was my fault. Sure. So we tried to scrape by in that house until it sold. Housing market crashed and let's say the $100,000 we put as a down payment on the house is no more. We would be lucky to break even. I mean lucky. So I being the creative mover and shaker that I am found renters. They lasted 6 months then I found another set of renters. They lasted about 6 months. I couldn't find renters so we moved back into the house. A few months after being back in the house I found renters again and we moved into a rental house. Where we are now. So why are be moving again? Back into that house? Nope. Into our other rental. This rental we co-own with my MIL and step-FIL. We've had renters in there, but they are a month behind (for like the last year). We made enough to pay the mortgage and a little extra so we didn't care. Well, now they are moving out, which is good. However, the house is in need of a new roof and sliding and yard work and... and... and. So we thought we would move into the house to do the repairs. Because honestly there is now way I have time to do any repairs unless we live there. On top of that it's only an $800 a month mortgage. So we will save over $ 700 a month just on rent/mortgage if we move in. This all sounds like a win-win right? Well, the down side is the house is only 1100 sq ft. I know I'm spoiled. But six people in a house that small? Did I mention the one bathroom issue? My kids always decide they have to go poop at the same time. I may have gone outside to pee before. I'm just saying.

2. I'm so busy trying to fit in workouts so I don't explode. But my mom is working and I don't want to overwhelm my SIL.

3. We are broke. Hubby going to school full time and working. Me trying to feed and cloth six people. One of which is me and I eat a freaking lot of food. I eat about 2000-3500 cal a day. That adds up. Especially when it's all good for you food.

4. The kids were either trying to kill me or drive me insane today. I'm not sure which.

5. I'm trying to figure out the whole move thing and have it not affect my husband's schedule or make it stress the kids out.

6. I miss hanging out with my mom. She's working a full time job and I don't get to call her up and say 'hey, let's go to the zoo'.

7. My father (or not my father if you ask him) said a bunch of horrible and mean things to me. I know he's crazy and I shouldn't let it get to me. But you know what I'm pissed. I'm trying to take the high road, but part of me really wants to get back at him for the crap he's done for the last umm....32 years. Let's just say when I got married he showed up drunk to my wedding. When my husband and I went to go buy a house I found out he had been using my social security number to rack up debt and collections to the tune of $3,000. He stole one of my cars from me. It just goes on and on. I am at the point where I really want justice to be done.

8. Avery is having a hard time hearing again. We go to the doctor on Wednesday. She loses part of her hearing whenever she gets sick. Usually it returns quickly, but it's been two weeks and she is still having a hard time. Poort thing.

Off to bed, before I really start sharing too much. I'm going to go kiss each kid like I do every night and thank God for them and my husband.

OH, I did find this one blog that made me smile.
Check it out.

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