Sunday, December 26, 2010

Running is more fun with friends!

Sometimes running is just more fun with friends!

It might just be a chick thing but I really like running with friends more than solo training runs. I have different friends to run with based on what my training plan calls for.
Hill repeats=Ed.
Long runs at a steady quick pace=Laura
Recovery fun runs=Diana and Jami
Hard tempo runs=Stephanie
Push myself on a track workout=Dave
Fartleck run=Christina (also my coach, she can somehow make me run a 7 minute mile. I don't run 7 minute miles.)
A soothing pep talk run and quality time run=Aric (my hubby)

Training for and staying on track for the Vancouver Marathon=RunOregon peeps and my Get Fit Live Fit peeps (also co-sponsors for the Vancouver Marathon and have excellent training programs: I'm biased because I started running with them 2 1/2 years ago when I first started running) I have even talked a few of the Get Fit Live Fit Pacers into running the Vancouver Marathon with me. We call this blackmail. ;)

So if you don't have your own Dave, Stephanie, Laura, or Jami. Come down to the next What? free run or sign up with Get Fit Live Fit or Foot Traffic University to get your own personal support group.

More stats and info about the What? runs and Vancouver Marathon:

The next free What? run in on Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at The Rock Wood Fired Pizza in Vancouver.

The run starts at 6pm, however, get there early because the first 10 people get a free "I'm Training for the Vancouver Marathon shirt. I never seem to get there before you guys (may have something to do with four kids under 6 years old or something?) to get my shirt.

If you haven't been to one of these free fun runs you are missing out. They always have lots of free give aways. Cool prizes like race entries.

Oh and I just found out that Bart Yasso will be attending the Vancouver Marathon Expo and will be announcing the race. This is no small marathon production. They will have Alberto Salazar, Lynn Jennings, and Bart Yasso speaking the day before the marathon. Laugh and run on, my friends!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

This is what I want for Christmas...

1. A fully healed IT Band so I can run farther than 4 miles.
2. To have a family run once a week with all kids.
3. A bag from BellaLise. This kind especially:

4. An aporn from BellaLise.

So go to and get me one. I guess you could get one for you, too.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Running is fun!

That's right I said running is fun. Oh and it makes me happy, too. I've been back running for two weeks now. My husband say's I'm so much nicer and the kids are happy to be running, too. Today while the hubby ran his 5 miles, I took the kids on a walk/run. Alexis, Avery, and Alexander ran 1 mile. Ayden ran at least 1.25 miles if not more. He would run ahead and then run back, run ahead and then run back. When we turned around at the 1/2 mile mark he said he was not done. He declared he wanted more miles. The other kids clamored that they wanted at least 3 miles. I smiled and had to break their little hearts with a, sorry we only have time for 1 mile. Whoever thought I would have to argue with my kids that they can only run a mile today? When we arrived back at the car, Ayden demanded that he needed more miles. I relented with you can do hill repeats on that .10 hill while we wait for dad. That kids never stopped. Then when dad came back he ran another one just to show dad how fast he was. Cute.

(If you look in the distance you will see my oldest three way ahead of the baby)

I'm spoiled. My mom plays with the kids while I run or get my workouts in. My husband and I have arranged our whole schedule so I can pace lead in Portland on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. Vancouver on Tuesday nights and Sunday mornings. How spoiled am I? So when asked what I want for Christmas all I can say is... to run with my family. That's all I need and want. I'm very blessed. My kids beg me to have one more minute reading. Or they beg me to go workout with me. Or they beg hubby and I to run with us. Yep I have a rough life. NOT!