Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I know, I know...

What's the deal? I haven't been posting squat or anything about squats. I could give you excuse after excuse but I do believe you are smart enough to not believe one of them. I've been lazy on the blog front. So here is the quick 411:

My mother had the nerve to get a job. WTF? There goes my instant babysitter. The spoiled part of me was annoyed but the awesome daughter that I am was thrilled that she found a job. That means I have to work harder to fit workouts in. My sister in law has been able to come over and watch the boys while the girls are in school and I have been able to fit in a few workouts.

House of Pain on Tuesday now include the boys. For the most part they stay out of the way but they still manage to jump on me in the middle of a push-up. For some reason Christina (my coach) just laughs and says it's just a little extra weight for the push-ups and to not stop. It was fun during the last quick workout at H of P, my little Ayden (3 years old) asked me in the middle of my third set (of which I did 14) "Mom. Mom. Mom! Aren't you tired yet?" Christina replied for me, "Nope, your mom is pretty tough." Kinda sweet, huh? All in all I do enjoy my boys coming to the workouts, they get to see mom lifting some good size weights and staying in really good shape. Having said that, I do enjoy H of P on Friday's with no kids and just my girlfriends to chat with.

Since my mom is working, it leaves Wednesday (track at night), Friday (date run with hubby), and Saturday long run day open. I wish a pool was open sooner in the am than 5:30 because I have to be home by 6:15 showered and ready to go so my hubby can get to work. (I am noticing a theme of work getting in my way here)

So here I sit, lamenting over not getting to workout as much as I want. My ideal week you ask? (oh who am I kidding I don't care if you asked I'm telling you anyway)

Monday: Swim for 2 hours short 6 mile run
Tuesday: H of P and a nice 20-30 mile bike ride would be awesome
Wednesday: Swim 2 hours and track in evening with group
Thursday: I consider my rest day. I have a martial arts class that is 2 hours long 1/2 hour of which I lead 'a workout'
Friday: H of P and 6 Hard miles with hubby
Saturday: Long run day 15-20 miles would be good
Sunday: Swim 2 hours and a 20 mile bike ride with friends.

See wouldn't that be a fun workout schedule? Ah, to dream.

What would your ideal workout week look like?

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