Friday, October 8, 2010

Sleeping is hard to do... but not eating

Aric is gone this weekend in Tulsa, teaching. Which means I don't cook (read we eat like crap) and I don't sleep (less than usual)
Tonight to keep myself awake I went on a reading rampage. What made me say, 'what the ??' is when people write about how to eat healthy for inexpensive. Really? Can you feed six very active people for less than $1000 a month? Not with the crazy recipes I see them display for 'cheap' healthy foods. Salmon and asparagus. For six would cost me a weeks worth of dinners. I on the other hand make things like:

Black eye peas and rice with turkey bacon. Green peas for veggies.
Bag of black eye peas $1.19
Rice $1.54 (for whole bag we use about .42 worth)
Turkey bacon $1.89
Onion $.35
Peas $.50

A dinner and two lunches worth for $4.35

Now that's a low fat, high fiber, healthy inexpensive meal!
(I love to eat salads and throw whatever is in the fridge into it)

Homemade cheesy broccoli soup

Extra Sharp cheddar $2.99
Ramono cheese $.50
Onion $.45
Veggie stock $1.25
Broccoli $2.69
Butter $.35
Flour $.02

Price $8.25. Whole broccoli used. Healthy inexpensive meal! Again one dinner and two lunches. It makes a large amount, but the kids eat so much of it I have to make such a big batch.

I have so many recipes that I like to make to keep the prices down. They might not be fancy but they taste good and are good for you. I feed my whole family for about $800 a month. We do not eat out but maybe a lunch a month. It's usually a treat like taco bell, junkie and a cheap treat. Every once in a blue moon we eat at Izzy's, because the kids like it for some reason.

So what do you cook? What's your favorite meal?

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