Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm a junkie...

a workout junkie, that is. I was an idiot and ramped my miles up too quickly and now am paying the pied pipper. My IT band hurts. OK, not hurts as in oh ouch I stubbed my toe. No it brings me to my knees. My wonderful husband has been rolling, rubbing, and just beating the crap out of my IT for me, yet to no avail. It still hurts. Today I was able to do a whole mile and a half of running before it screamed at me to stop. So what to do? I'm feeling my fitness slip away. I can kiss my PR that I was going to run at the girlfriends half marathon on October 17th good-bye. I won't be able to run 8:15's for the half. Now I'm not sure I'll even be able to run it at all.

I guess when you can't do what you love, you find alternatives to get your fix. I will be cross-training doing swimming, spinning, and cross-fit. It's easy to get a run in when you have kids, it's hard to get the time to cross-train when you have kids. I will just have to be creative I guess. Maybe call in a few favors and begging of my mom and sister in law. What do you do when you can't run?

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