Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday's musings.

I have been busy these last few weeks (who hasn't) with getting school stuff together, finishing the add-on to the house (namely the master bedroom and another bathroom), and just finding places to stick all our crap after the move.

I am happy to report we have found our living room floor. It was piled with boxes of 'what do we have this' kind of crap. I'd would call it stuff but it's plain and simple crap. Nothing more than a misc sock, kites, and hair things.

This last week I was able to get back into working out. Here is what I did:

Yesterday (Thursday 9/9)
12 miles of hills. At a 9:02 pace. I was tired and hungry. But it was a run.

(I would call this a speed bump. This is what the small hills looked like)

Wednesday 9/8
I did a 3/4 mile swim in the morning with my friend Stephanie. I was supposed to have track practice but I have been wanting to try a crossfit class, so I did that instead.
1 hour of crossfit. So much fun. I think I will add this to my weekly workouts.

Tuesday 9/7
4 rounds of each

inchworm down and back in raquetball court

21 turkish get ups with 10lbs each side

21 box jumps on 20 inch box

21 push ups with 10lbs each side

21 hanging knee lifts to elbow

It was supposed to be only 3 rounds but my buddy Dave was there so a challenge what thrown out about doing one more when we were done. Who am I to say no? :)

Monday 9/6
I did a recovery run. 4 miles at 8:22 pace.
Mile 1-
Mile 2-
Mile 3-
Mile 4
Sunday 9/5
My big 15 miler















Yep, hated mile 13-15. It's uphill and I was done.
I took Friday and Saturday as a rest day. Well Saturday I made two birthday cakes for my girls birthday and Friday we spent all day at Enchanted Forest. So not a real 'rest' day but a day of not workouts.
Thursday night was first thursday 9/ 2
3 miles. I didn't really feel like running. Did a 3/4 mile swim in the morning.
4x25 free

4x25 kick only

4x25 free

4x25 arms only

4x25 free

4x25 kick only

4x25 free

4x25 arms only

10x25 sprint (did the first one at 19 seconds. the rest at 23 seconds. )
Tuesday 9/1
5 rounds of each

1 min dips on ball

1 min push-ups with 5lbs each arm (switch after 30 seconds)

1 min tri push ups

1 min hanging knee lifts

1 min 8 count's
Monday 8/31
10 mile run at 8:05 pace. I have no idea how that happened. I felt great and my friend and I chatted the whole way. I took Hammer gel at 1/2 hour mark and 1 hour mark.

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