Monday, July 5, 2010

Flat Half and a PR

I had a near perfect 4th of July. Ran the Foot Traffic Flat Half in the morning with friends. Obtained a PR. My husband cleaned the house while I ran. Family Reunion (with the expection of my dad being there it was fun) Then as a family we went to a block party where my husband's band was playing. Danced for 2 hours (or more I don't know) with the kids. Finished it all off with fireworks in the warmth of our car. A good day indeed.

The half marathon was the most relaxed I have ever ran 13.1 miles. I thought we were farther towards the start so the first mile we couldn't go any faster because of the sheer mass of people. Thanks to Laura for pushing and pacing me. She rocks. Thanks to Christina for the help in the warm up and tips. Thanks to Diana for being such a great cheerleader. Thanks to Jami for hanging out with us, being funny as all heck, and driving me home. So here are my splits.

Mile 1-8:43
Mile 2-8:07 (opps: Laura slow down ;p)
Mile 3-8:24
Mile 4-8:22
Mile 5-8:18
Mile 6-8:21
Mile 7-8:18

Mile 8-8:19
Mile 9-8:28
Mile 10-8:17
Mile 11-8:21
Mile 12-8:26

Mile 13-8:11
Last .1- (7:53 pace)


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