Thursday, December 24, 2009

I have do believe..

I do believe running a marathon is easier than taking care of four kids, keeping the house clean, cooking, and all the other things I do. It must be, because it has taken three grown adults to do what I do everyday.

God bless my mother for watching the kids, my mother in law for cooking meals for the family, and my husband for taking over when he get's home from working 10 hour days.

I am officially one week post-op and back to cleaning my house because I couldn't take it anymore. The OCD in me must have order. But I have to say I am so tired. I'm in fairly good shape, I could whip out a 1/2 marathon and not feel tired after it was all said and done. However, while healing and trying to step right back into 'mom' mode... I'm getting my butt kicked. I think I'd rather run a marathon right now, it would be less work (OK, not really but I feel that way). I just can't wait to be fully healed and running again. The count down is on. 4 weeks and I can run. Next week I will start walking...slowly.

In Jan I have to fly off to Boulder for a new job. Should be fun and I can work it around the kids, perfect. I can't wait. But I am not looking forward to being away from the kids for three days. For now, I'll just go sit down for a minute and get back to cleaning. Run on my friends.

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  1. hang in there! And I am not one bit surprised that it took 3 adults to do what you usually do-- whenever I complain about being busy, I look at everything you do and think "I'm such a big whiner..."!
    Glad you're out of the weeds a bit, and I'll come see you next week!