Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Getting cranky

OK, maybe crankier... I am having a hard time with no working out or running. I'm a bit, too sore to run granted. I do think I will be upto an easy workout next week. Don't look at me like that. I know, I'm supposed to wait four weeks and to start with a light workout, but someone might get hurt (besides me) if I don't get some form of a workout in.

Today I washed the floors in my kitchen, dining room, and computer area. I did it on my hands and knees, slowly and with my mother's help. See I was good. Now granted that was about 1000 sq ft of floor cleaning, but I feel better with the house finally getting a good cleaning. Yes, I do have OCD problems habits. Then my mother and I dressed all four kids for a walk. Sure it took about 20 mins. to get them all in coats, hats, etc., but then we had the most wonderful walk. About 2/3 of a mile walk which took a grand total of 45 mins.... 45 mins of happy children walking. While walking we passed our favorite cows, named Ice Cream (Lexi's name for one) and Greenhonk (Ayden's name for one) and Carolina the horse that changes color (Avery's name for any horse because it follows her everywhere and is always a different color) and Moo (Zander's name for the cow's..this one makes sense to me). The neighbors dog, Ladybug took her usual walk with us. All in all a wonderful day, which was ended by snow. Perfect, well, perfect if I could get a workout in. Next week, baby.

I know I don't listen well. Or at all. I do not wait well, either. I had my husband pull out my last drain. That was fun. My RN was not surprised by this at all. So I wait a little longer and then I will add more. For now, I am planning my attack on my new job as a sale's rep. for Skirt Sports. This will be fun as I love their line. Run and laugh on, my friends!

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