Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We are moving. Yes, again. I found renters for my house in La Center, so we are moving back into 'town'. The funny thing is when hubby and I were looking at houses a common theme popped up. How easy is it to get to our running trails?

Yes, we based our house finding on how many of our favorite running trails are nearby. We settled on a cute house that has two KILLER hills on the way to our favorite trail. We actually were giddy when we drove the hills talking about our 10 mile run will have some big hills in them to make us both stronger runners. And how I can do my 20 milers without a double back route. Sure most people like the yard or the easy access to work. Nope, hubby and I based it on our running routes and how easy would it be for me to get to track practice. Can you say spoiled? Why, yes, yes I am! And I love it.

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