Sunday, January 31, 2010

From the mouth of babes...

Ayden, my three year old boy, informs me tonight that he wants breasts. Here is how the conversation transpired:

Ayden: "Mom, I want breasts."

Me: "Really, that's nice honey. I hate to break it to you but boys can't have breasts."

Ayden: "Yes, they can. Super heroes have BIG breasts."

Me: "No honey, super heroes have pectoral muscles. We also call them pecks. Only women have breasts."

Ayden: "Mom, I want really BIG pecks like the super heroes have."

Me: "Sounds good. You will have to work hard to get big pectoral muscles. It will include lots of hard work."

Ayden: "OK mom. I'm going to be a super hero with big pecks."

The other day while sitting at the counter with Aric, Ayden informs him of a few tid bits of wisdom.

Ayden: "Dad, did you know babies don't like it when you jump on them."

Aric: "Well, yes I did."

Ayden: "Dad, did you know that girls don't like it when you jump on them, either?"

Aric: "Yes, I have learned that one, too. But good observation."

Ah, kids are so fun. We really do have conversations like this in our house.

I drive one of my Aunt's crazy when we refer to the penis as a penis. Or when we call the vagina a...wait for it... a vagina. Why does this make some people uncomforable? I don't call my eyes my ding dong, we call them eyes. We are very factual in our household. We believe in not dumbing things down for our kids. Kids are bright; just present the facts to them. I am hoping that our kids will not be self consensus of silly things. I want them to be comfortable in their skins, with who they are. I don't want them to ever be ashamed of who they are or what they like to do. I hope this will keep them strong from peer pressure when they get older. Help them rely on facts to do what's right not what main stream thinking is. Who cares if my son likes to walk in heels? It doesn't make him gay and if he is so what? It won't change that I love him. Facts are facts, babies don't come from storks.

I believe in being honest and I surround myself with people who are honest. If I'm being silly or OCD about something I want my friends to tell me. That's what friends are for. To be honest with you so you can improve yourself to become a better person. So I ask you have you be a true friend today?

Don't tell your friends what you think they want to hear, tell them the truth. A hill doesn't lie to you. Your time on a 5K doesn't lie to you, it's honest. Sometimes painfully honest. My best friend in the whole world tells me if I'm being a dork. We are the opposites in the political area and have hours of debates, but never one fight. That's right never one fight in the 13 years I have known her. She has been honest with me from the start, sometimes brutally. And for that I am thankful. I know this post has taken an off turn, but children are so honest. I think that's why I love being around kids. So again I ask you have you been a TRUE friend today? A run is always honest. Are you honest with yourself? Are you honest with your friends? You should be. Laugh and run on, my friends!

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