Sunday, February 14, 2010


I've been swamped. This last week and this whole next week is being taken up with moving. The hard part is that I'm still not 100% recovered from the surgery. So I don't have all my usual energy. I think the hard part is trying to find the time for the kids. This week I have not been successful on that front of my life. Sure I've been very selfish and have been working out twice a week, but I haven't made the time to take the kids to the park. It has shown up in the kid’s behavior this last week. I've noticed that when they don't have fun mom time they act up more. Here I am trying to make more fun time with the kids while getting in my runs, workouts, now work, cleaning, yada yada. I guess the house can be a messy for a little bit.

So I talked to my coach and we discussed my lofty goals. My friend rat finked on me to my coach about how I want to BQ for my first marathon. This was not at all shocking for my coach to find out. Let's just say I'm overly ambitious. Yeah, that's what we'll call it. Since the Eugene Marathon is 11 weeks away I know I won't be in the shape I want to be to run a 3:30 marathon. Here is a compromise that will make me still work hard. Because really that's what I like. Seeing how far I can push myself. I know in the longer distances I lose it mentally. I will strive to hold a 8:00 pace for a half marathon. Now that is one lofty goal. Since I've only managed to run 7:30 in 5K's. How the heck am I going to run that for 10 additional miles?

Here is were I have a lot of trust in my coach. This is a scary thing for me, but I'm giving her the full scale power over my training. No second guessing her, and I won't because I really do respect and trust her. I told her not to sugar coat it and say she thinks I can do it if I have no way of getting there in time. She said it would be really hard work, that I do absolutely believe. I don't want someone to tell me they think I can achieve something to make me feel better, I don't need an ego stroke. I want honesty. I'd say don't we all, but not everyone wants honesty. Odd, but true.
(Ahhh, sleep!)

She made me promise that I would sleep more (nice kettle..uh this is pot), take two days of 'real' rest days, double running days, get into the pool more and less road pounding, and lots of fartlecks/tempos. OK, this is a tall order. I'll do it. I think this will make my 5K's really strong by this summer. So the game is on. Body don't fail me now. Laugh and run on, my friends!

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