Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Yesterday was my mother's birthday. The kids and I made her an angel food cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. The girls were in charge of the sprinkles and Ayden had candle duty. Apparently Zander's job was to lick the frosting whenever possible. Cute, but messy.

Each kid made a card for Grandma and some pretty flowers that were, can you guess? Pink and purple of course. I made my tasty spaghetti for mom with a heaping side of broccoli. And for the evening I made my mom be in my fashion show. Here is how awesome my 72 year old mom looked...

(sorry mom for cutting your head off on this one. It's my phone, not you)

We had fun, giggling and dressing up. One gal came up to me and said, it's so fun watching you guys get along so well. And you know I do take that for granted. We do get along and have fun because life is too short. I'd like to think my mom comes over to help me out by watching the kids while I go workout or run, but really it's not for me. I know because my mom tell's me. "Angela, I don't watch the kids for you. It's for me. I love playing with my grandbabies." This just confirms what I thought. I am not Angela; I'm my kid's mom. The transporter of cute kids. It's easy to get lost in the day to day and not being anything more than my kid's mom. Which is more than enough for me. But the selfish side of me loves being known as Angela, too. Getting out and being around my running friends remind me that I am fun to be around, despite what my kids say. That my jokes are kidda funny (or I have really nice friends that laugh at my jokes anyway). I'm just so happy that my 'me time' is something healthy that my children want to emulate. So what do you portray to your children? Is it a happy healthy mom? Or are you watching too much Oprah? Get out and go for a walk or run with your kids. Better yet, so some sit ups with them. You will never laugh so hard as you will watching your kids do sit ups or push ups. Really worth a good ten minute belly laugh.

One thing I do with the kids at least three times the week is play PE. This is fun because the kids want to work out like mom does. We do 8 count body builders, sit ups, yoga, Pilates, sometimes I'll bring out 2 lb weights and they do little curls. We keep it very light and only 10 at the very most. Then I become their jungle gym and I help them do flips or I just run around tickling them. See, now my kids think working out is fun. Go have some healthy fun with your kids. Laugh and run on, my friends!

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