Sunday, February 6, 2011

Out, out, damn flu, out, out!

My great training has been sidelined by Mr. Flu. He really is a jerk and never asked to come over to visit. I guess he was mad that we didn't invite him and decided to hit both my husband and I at the same time. Leaving us defenseless against our children and their devious plans.
I purchase three new cute bathing suits to wear for my swims and have yet to get to try them out this week. I did manage three runs and one workout in the House of Pain this past week which may have something to do with me being laid out on my back for the last three days. Oh well, you can't take the stubbornness out of the mule but you can make the mule sick and stay in bed.
All I see and think about is all the fitness I am losing while sick. How hard it is going to be to drop those 15lbs I want to lose to improve my times. How I am once again turning to food to cope rather than working out as my stress reliever. So I ask you, how do you cope with being sick? Especially when you workout twice a day, 6 days a week?

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