Monday, July 4, 2011

summer run

Man oh man, did you miss out on a stellar race! There were Cavemen (and cavewomen), a super 
Vancouver-Summer-Solstice-Run-2011-cavemen.jpgThe prehistoric family with some pretty modern lookin' shoes ...
Man oh man, did you miss out on a stellar race! There were Cavemen 
family, a pirate, and a ballerina running in the Summer Solstice 3 and 6 miler last night. The costume contest started after 5 pm, before the actual race, with loud cheers from the crowd to determine the winners. 
After the contest, Sherri, owner of Northwest Personal Training, gave the lowdown on the course. She thanked her volunteers, and got the crowd pumped before the race. With 15 minutes before 'go' time Sherri led everyone in fun warm-ups, and then we lined up according to pace and were off.
It was the usual quick start and I did my best to not get sucked up in the pace since I had only done one run since the Vancouver Marathon, and I was (am) not fully recovered from two marathons in 16 days. I tried to settle into a relaxed pace to wait for the hills to try to pick people off. That strategy works well for me because I'm pretty strong on the hills, and it seemed to work this time, too. I was able to move up a few places as people faded. 
With three blocks to go I finally edged ahead of a girl I was chasing for over a mile. Around the block up the last push and dog-gone that girl pressed and we tied at the finish. That was fun. Humbling because she was 12, but fun because I can say, someday when she's world famous, that I tied with her.
Vancouver-Summer-Solstice-2011-superheroes.jpgSuperheroes ready to show off super speed ...
The only downer to the whole event? There were just not enough participants to enjoy such a fantastic race/party! The band was hot, the food was spectaular, and the volunteers were the best. In fact, I couldn't resist joining in the cheering after my race. I stood at an interection near the finish for an hour, and cheered everyone that passed. So mark your calendars for next year ... go ahead, I'll wait. Finished? Good. Now you will have to be there next year.
Laugh and run on, my friends!
2011 Vancouver Summer Solstice 6 mile full results
(Click on the race name to see full results)
1. David Sanders 40:30
2. Michael Burns 44:57
3. Brian West 46:48
1. Remy Maguire 43:11
2. Anne Anderson 44:49
3. Orpha White 46:48
2011 Vancouver Summer Solstice 3 mile full results
(Click on the race name to see full results)
Vancouver-Summer-Solstice-2011-gal.jpgAnd a very cute pirate!

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