Monday, July 11, 2011

One on One time with my boys

I was heading out for a run tonight (OK delaying it) and as a last minute thought I told my four year old to lace up his shoes. He jumped up and down ran to get his 'running shorts' on and put on his shoes. He did not want a shirt because daddy doesn't run with a shirt. So out the door we went and I had so much fun. We did .85 miles and he was chatting the whole time. I took lots of photos because well we had to stop for 'walk' breaks for him.

Then of coarse Zander, who is three, wanted to run. So he put on his running pants and ran naked like dad. He did 1/5 of a mile and said he was cold, lol. 

With the boys 'runs' done it was time for me to get my run in. I just decided on 6 miles. I have lost so much speed that my legs do not know how to turn over any more. Tonight's run just makes me want to work harder again. It was a good run. Here are my sad splits (I let myself cool down for the last two miles)
4-8:04 (a jerk cut me off and I had to stop .03 from finishing this mile on a hill. I did not stop my watch but I'm calling this a 7:57, ok not really but I was on pace for it until the guy pulled in front of me.) 
5-8:49 (started my cool down) 

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