Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'm still alive and running.

I know it has been awhile since I have posted. I figure I am the only one reading this anyway so I don't feel bad about the delay. I have been busy running and sorta racing, raising my four crazy kids, finding time to spend with my husband, and help out at the school.

I did get to run this last weekend and get my miles back up to were I want them. I have signed up for two marathons next year and most likely will be doing a third if not 6th. I have two neat ladies from school that are going to run the Vancouver BC half marathon and I am going to run the full. This race isn't until May so it gives me ample time to get my miles up to 28 miles by April. Why 28 you ask me? Well when you train for a 5K you don't run 2 miles and hope to get the last mile just fine? Same for a half you run at least a 15 miler if you really want to PR. So why do people only run 20 or 22 miles before a marathon and expect to smash their PR? I don't get it. I believe that's why people hit a 'wall' at mile 20 or 22 because they are in uncharted territory with the final miles. I have my training mapped out for the next few months. Speed work on the track, hilly runs, easy runs, and longer runs. Lots of longer runs, some at race pace and some at slower depending on how my body feels.

My ankle this morning. Still hurts but more upset that I can't run tonight than anything else. 

So my new hobby is Goodwill and consignment shopping. I bought the above top at Goodwill for $2.99 and the jeans at my favorite consignment shop Denim and Frills for $1. Nope not a typo, got those See Thru Soul jeans for a dollar. Sweet huh? 

This is a picture of me with a cool jacket a friend gave me. Free baby, free! 

I thought it might be fun to post my outfits as I get comments while I'm out all the time. Today was a mellow outfit. You'll see. Just wait. 

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