Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stinky clothes and pretty nails.

We have been enjoying a farm up the street from us. This is one of our fun rainbow dinners. Red=Cherries 
Yellow= Pineapples and Bananas 
Green= Honey Dew Melons and Broccoli
Purple=Grapes and Plumes
For a little protein we added Adele Chicken and Apple Sausages. I was bored with straight grilled chicken and decided to splurge with my favorite sausages. (Honestly I love all the chicken sausages from Adele.) 

Our summer has included a few hikes (not as many as I would like). The following pictures are from a hike up the Gorge with the hubby and kids. 
We were so hungry when we arrived that we started to eat our sandwiches while we hiked. 

A cute little snake we found on our hike. 
My husband teaching our son the important things in life. Like peeing in the 'wild'. 
Some of the pretty views. 
More views
A hidden waterfall my husband and I found before kids and thought the kids would love it. 
Isn't it pretty?
Sometimes we forget to enjoy the beauty of nature. 

When we hike. I take up the rear so I can make sure kids are safe. Aric takes the lead and makes sure we are on a safe path. The kids get to enjoy making memories. 
So here are the pretty nails. Why are pretty nails important? Well it means I'm eating correctly again. It means I'm back to training. It means I'm taking care of myself. I'm exercising, I'm playing with the kids, and I'm eating right. 

Yesterday I lead a workout with some friends and we did 400 crunches a little bit of running, about 65 push ups, some other fun ab and butt exercises. Then in the evening I did a 4x400's with 200 m jog. 1/2 mile wu and 1/2 mile cd. Then I ran 3 relaxed miles with a friend. The day before I did some 100m sprints with 10 push ups after each on repeat 10x's then 350 crunches. I am happy to be sore today and ready for an easy run tonight. I am slowing increasing my miles to prep from the Girlfriend's half marathon. I ran 1:43 last year and want to run 1:40 or better this year. I think I can do it if I can just stay healthy, read no ITBS!  

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