Thursday, August 6, 2009

Last night I ran a 10 miler. My Garmin sprang back to life for the occasion (how considerite). I was going to meet a friend for some track sprints, so I ran down to the track and back to get an even 10 miles.
Mile 1-8:31 ( made myself pull in the pace)
Mile 2-7:36 (I decided screw it, I want to run a faster mile, like I used to)
Mile 3-8:17 (Once I got that above mile out of the way I went back to pacing myself)
Mile 4-8:14

Arrived at the track. The plan was 800's, but my friend didn't want to do as many as I wanted since she is recovering from a back injury. So we settled on a 2-800's and lots of 100's. It felt good to push my pace again. I ran 19-20 seconds on my 100's and it felt easy, beautiful, and comfortable. The 800's I was a little tired and only did 7:14 pace and 7:21 pace. Then I ran back home. My avgerage pace going home was 8:53 pace. With 3/4 of mile to go my IT band and knee froze up. I had to walk/jog. It still hurts today.

This morning I did my Pilates and sit-ups. I need to get back into doing them every other day. My core is getting weak again. I noticed my posture at the end of my runs giving out. So back to my core work.

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