Sunday, October 18, 2009

My crappy half marathon

Like an idiot I didn't take my inhaler with me. So at mile 8 when my asthma flared...I was in pain. Until my coach showed up at mile 9-9.5 with my inhaler. Thank GOD! I was hurting. Add to it the fact that I have a stupid cold, have not been getting sleep, and a hammy that hates me. It was not a good race day. I sucked...SUCKED hard! I think I did the 1/2 in 2 hours. Crappy. At the end of the race I flagged down the firefighters to get some more medication, to stop the stupid asthma attack. Well, it worked. The nebulizer is wonderful for asthma, but makes you shaky and want to throw up. Which I was happy to oblige...twice.

Now I'm home sipping some ginger tea and wishing I would have just DNF. My hammy was killing me on the run, see I told you it hates me. My coach even said I should just let her drive me to the finish and be done with the race, that it was not worth getting hurt over. I agree, but I am far too stubborn to listen.

On the up side next weekend I have a 5k race, maybe I'll do better.

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