Monday, January 9, 2012

Art, art, I cry for more art!

Today was a late start day at school. I took advantage of this free time to paint. Here are the girls painting.

Here is something I painted really quickly. It took maybe 20 minutes, if that. The finished piece has a sad purple owl the girls wanted on it. It was fun to paint again, makes me want to pick up the brush again. 

 Here is a Denim and Frills skirt I picked up for $2.99 and greyish top at D&F for $2.59. Teal tank from Target. Like my little Avery modeling?
Close up of the cute boots I found at Goodwill yesterday for $6.99. 

A necklace one of my daughters bought me for Christmas. 

I managed to get a 6 miler on Saturday. Then ran 7.75 miles yesterday because it was sunny. 

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