Thursday, January 5, 2012


Check out this cool necklace I managed to get as a free gift when I purchased my red dress at Charlotte Russe store. 
It was the perfect match to a dress I found at Goodwill last week for $3.49. I paired it with a tank and black leggings. Cuteness!

I managed my run last night. Eight miles at 8:54 pace. I was supposed to run 8 at 9:10 pace so that was close enough. Ran with my good friend Ed, he pops into town about once a month and we run and catch up on what the kids have been up to. It's an on going joke in our house that Ed is one of my many running boyfriends. It's great to have such a solid marriage you can joke about such things. I think one of the reasons that is the case is because I take such good care of my husband and he in returns takes such good care of me. So do you take care of your spouse? 

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