Monday, March 1, 2010

Should I bitch more?

I've been reading a few blogs that are very sucessful. I have found out that they just bitch and bitch about how hard it is to do this or that with kids. Really? You have one kid, or maybe two kids and a freaking nanny. Get over yourself. OK, sorry. Done bitching.

On the serious side, I'm sad that our society has come to that. Women only want to bond or read about other women who complain. What happened to picking yourself up by your boot straps and going on without complaining? I think we as a society complain about too much. We seemed like a happier society when we just dug in and did what needed to be done. Now it's all about entitlement. I deserve this raise, I should have more time off....blah blah. What happened to working hard and being happy that you EARNED something? Really?

I work hard. Not everyday. Someday's I'm lazy. It's true. But for the most part I bust my butt to do a lot. Take today. I woke up at 5am. Made lunch for the boys, gathered all the clothes needed for the day, did some laundry. Then the kids started waking up. Feed them, dress them, get them in the car. Take girls to school. Take boys to pool to swim. Swim and play with boys for 25 mins, go swim for myself 20 mins, go back and play with boys another 25 mins. Shower boys, dress boys. Feed boys in car on way back home. Put littlest down for a nap. Walk to get girls while grandma plays with other boy awake. Feed girls, shower myself (starting to get ripe). Take one boy and one girl to get hair cut. That place is closed. Go back get all kids and grandma, drop off poop sample in mail (teddy study another story), take all four kids and grandma to hair place. Get my hair cut and boys hair cut. Go to Freddie's get turkey bacon for black eye peas. Get roped into book section with kids. Play in store for 2 hours just having fun with kids. Come home make different dinner because I took too long playing with kids at store. Feed husband and kids. Clean kitchen, play with kids. Make them go to bed, pay bills, make kids go back to bed, pay bills, curse checking account for being so low, work on article for runoregon blog post, make bed time snack for oldest boy, get fed up paying bills and come type blog. So that was my laid back day. Full of fun. So what did you do today?

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  1. You are an amazing mom, Angela! Not everyone can be overachievers like us. ;) Love you! xoxoxoxo