Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today was a good day....

This morning I woke up at 4:50am to run hills with a friend. At 5am she showed up and we ran 1.25 miles to our hill o' fun.

This hill is long .48 to be exact. We start at about .20 miles (half way) down the hill and run two of them. 1:36-1:34 for me. Then we go about 425 feet down the hill back up four times :39-:44-:39-:37. It's not that steep of a hill, only raises 100 feet in the 425 feet of distance. Which I think is all in the first 250 feet. It's a good start. Last week my times were faster, but hey I'm still happy I got out and did them.

So after the hills and quick jog back it was mom time. Shower me (thank goodness I don't wear make-up. !0 mins and I'm showered and dressed) Feed, clean, and cloth four kids. Get girls to school take boys to grandma's so they can play while I play. Then drive to House of Pain and play for an hour. Here is what I did:
10-8-6 partner pull-ups
2 set's of 45 row's-V ups-snatch with 10 lbs
21 Bi-cep curls (called 21's because you do 7 half way up-7 half way down-7 all way up and down) Done with 15 lb weights
Recline bi-cep curls with 25 lbs (after I did 12 with 15lbs and my coach said it was too easy) one set of 21-15-9 = 45 total.
 ~300 sit ups~(25 at time in different postitions hard to discribe.
50 ab swing legs w/ partner throwing them
30 side leg lifts with partner help in side plank
21 side curls with 15lbs

So that was a great start to my day. Then pick up girls and boys. Eat lunch. Cottage cheese and peaches and carrots on side. Put Zander down for a nap. Take other three outside to draw with chalk and ride bikes. In which, I was hoping to read some more of my Run Like a Mother book. That didn't really work well. The kids would stop me every 2 mins with something. Oh well, I tried. I did get through a few more pages. I am caught up on laundry (which means I only have 2 loads to clean) so maybe tonight between practicing bass and talking with my husband I can read. Assuming the kids will stay in bed. Here's to hoping.

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