Monday, March 15, 2010

Yeah, I lied

OK, so the whole babysitter thing didn't work out. (Mom what's the deal with you having a life? Come on now!) So Aric stayed home with the kids and I went to the race. (thank you honey. What a great husband I have)

My coach pressured me into running the 8K. Maybe it wasn't that much pressure because I did go down to the race in my running clothes. I was just going to jump in and pace my friend for a bit. Nope. I ran the 5 miles with bronchitis and all. I do have to say it was wonderful. I have never had such a relaxing race before. I loved it. Hill for 2 miles. Check. Loved it? Check. Not the best time for me, but not bad for running it with little to no hard runs and bronchitis.
Mile 1-8:36
Mile 2-9:02 (intro to hills)
Mile 3-8:57 (still on that damn hill)
Mile 4-8:10 (1/2 on the hill and then down we go)
Mile 5-8:03 At this point I was just ready to be done. Everytime I pushed the pace, I'd hack up some lung butter. Yummy. So I stayed relaxed and enjoyed it. Not fast, but it was fun. I can't wait to finally step up my training. I've been fully released from my doctor to do hard training now. Watch out hills, here I come.

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