Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I am back to doing PT (Physical Therapy). My hammy hurts like crazy, my hips are sore, and my knee is killing me. So I am trying this medieval torture technique that they now call "massage". Graston technique. Sounds nice enough. Right?

Here's what I pictured going into my 'massage' appointment. A dimly lit room, warm blankets, ocean sounds in the background, and a candle lit sending me a sweet waft of fresh baked apple pie. Maybe some water afterwards. You know get my money's worth.

Here is what I received instead. Brunhilda came out to take me back to the room. A room in the middle of PT people. At least it had a curtain. It was a little chilly, no blankets. Brunhilda has be warm up on this weird sitting, elliptical thing for 5 minutes. Brunhilda then notifies me that we are going to use metal instruments to 'work-out' the knotty muscles in my SI and Hamstring. This technique uses the metal....scratch that....COLD metal instruments to save her hands. Oh, well that's considerate. She then informs me that I will be bruised at the end of the session. Oh and that I will more than likely cry and maybe scream during the session. What? I'm sorry did I enter the wrong room? Are you sure you have the correct name? Angela? Yeah, that is me. Well, OK.

I'm pretty tough, but let me tell you. It hurt. No I didn't cry or scream. What do you take me for a wuss? I did indeed bruise. So today I endured my second treatment. I was 'less' knotty and gravelly in my muscles today. But bruised and having Brunhilda and her torture devices digging into my SI and hammy. She was nice enough to now include the knee area, too.

But I am questioning whether or not this will 'fix' my SI/Hip/Hammy/knee issue. There are no double blind studies on massage and PT on injuries. I agree in theory that if you strengthen your 'weak' area's then they will be less likely to become injured. I have had success in strengthen my ankle which has dislocated well into the double digits. I guess maybe it's a time issue rather than a massage issue. So do I continue going to the massages? Or save that money for other things? Is it really worth it? Sure I was able to run yesterday without intense pain, unlike Saturday's run which hurt 1/2 mile into my 8 mile run. Was it the week off from running and just time healing it? Was it the massage? Was it just me 'working' out the kinks by running? Who knows. All I know is $25 adds up real fast. So don't take offense if I twitch if you say the word massage. Now back to my gin and tonic.........

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  1. Ooooh, sounds like the astym therapy I have done on my achilles/ankle/foot area. It's brutal! Glad you made it through it to see another day.