Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Since I am trying to be good, and not run for two whole weeks (I do feel my solitude waning here) I have been very creative with my workouts.

Sunday while Aric ran the Salmon creek trail I pushed the kids in the triple stroller and did lunges and high knees. That was a great workout!

Monday I worked out in the House of Pain for an hour. After that I did some pool running for about 45 mins or an hour. I always lose track of time while doing pool running. After working out, my friend asked if I wanted to head up to Hood to stay in a cabin with her and her mother-in-law. Sounded like fun to me. I picked up the kids, told my mom I was kidnapping her for the day and packed everything I needed in 30 minutes. We may have gotten lost a little bit, but enjoyed driving up to Mt. Hood. While my mother and I were waiting to hear back from my friend with directions to the cabin we walked around frog lake with the kids. A fun evening of ravioli and smores at the cabin was much needed. After which the never ending child sleeping on me night begin.

Tuesday morning after my 'well rested' night. We took the kids up to Mt. Hood and my friend and I hiked with them for 2 miles on the zig zag trail. This really involved me carrying my two boys. The girls did so well and walked the whole time. Then we dropped the kids off with my mom in the car so they could rest and my friend and I took off for a quick hike up to Silcox hut via the Silcox trail. Now, I thought I was in shape....this trail kicked my tushy!!! My friend was nice enough to say it must be the elevation (a 1100 ft gain on this trail) getting to me. It was all worth it...the view...ah it was breathe taking. We paused at the top of the trail and watched an innocent looking chipmunk meander towards us. Then it ran towards my foot and sat down on my left shoe. I had a flash of Chevy Chase when the squirrel runs into his I him off my shoe. It did provide lots of laughing at me on the trek back down to the car. Maybe the elevation did get to me because while I was up there I had this crazy notation to hike up to the top of Mt. Hood. Now to convince Aric that this is a good idea. All I know is I'll keep a keen eye out for those chipmunks. I suggest you do the same.

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