Friday, September 11, 2009

My running is well running my life!

Today I went to see my hair artist (because she is that good, trust me!) I have not had my hair done is sooooo long. Miss Clairol has treated me well, it just not the same. So off the see Paula, who is a runner herself. I wanted, above all else, to have a hair cut that is long enough to pull back in a pony tail and tuck under a hat for running. That was it, my only requirement for my hair gal. Most people go in and say " I want to have hair like XX actress or XX actress" right? Me, have fun just make sure I can still run. Color? I don't care. What style? I don't care just make sure I won't be annoyed running with it. I might need professional help soon. So good bye 2 feet of hair...Hello cutie pie hair.

Now to get a long run in tomorrow. This time with cute, no gray hair.

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