Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm in a funk

Yep, I'm injured again or still. I know that I should take 2 weeks off from running, but I don't want to. To top it off we might have to move back into my house in La Center (which is 17 mins outside of Vancouver). I like living in town. Moving out there would mean that I would have to limit my driving and not be spoiled with running with my friends whenever I feel like it. It means more treadmill runs. Crap! OK, I've allowed my pity party. It's over.

Now, the optimist will take over. At least I still have the House of Pain on Monday and maybe I can work Wednesday's in. Maybe someone will rent my house again, or maybe if we drop the price a ridiculous amount we can sell it and be done with it. I will be starting my sales rep job in a month (hopefully) and that will help relieve some financial woes we are in. (The woes are due to my hubby's job. He's on a bonus and with the economy being what it is, we are living on almost half of his income. Ouch! And right now I think the rest of this year and most of next will be like that.) At least I have my treadmill and spin bike (thanks to craigslist) to work out with while living in the boonies. At least no one in our house is sick with the flu. At least I have 4 healthy happy children. At least I have a big clean beautiful house to move back into.

Having said all that I know we are just in a 'tight' spot right now. OK, we are in a freakin' boa constrictor right now. But we have always come out alright in the end. At least now I have an outlet to keep me going. I read my favorite blogs and keep going. I run and feel better.

Run happy and often my friends.

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  1. Hang in there! Without the bad times, we couldn't really appreciate the good times as much.