Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Am I really able to be coached?

Having a training program that doesn't have the runs I want in it drives me nuts. I think it has more to do with being told what I can and can not do. Stop looking at me like that. What? Are you surprised I don't like being told what to do? Well, I don't! I don't mind the hard work. In fact I love it. I like to be challenged, I just want to make the most of my running time. So sometimes getting in 6 runs a week is easily doable. And some weeks are so busy with other things I can only get in 4 days of running in. This is the dichotomy of having a balanced life. I have responsibilities to my marriage and kids that have to come before running. I could easily get too narrow minded in my training. Honestly I would work out 3 times a day, if it didn't affect my home life. A run in the morning, some cross training, and then another run in the evening would be perfect. What? I said stop looking at me like I have a problem.

I want to do the 10K timed trail this Thursday so I could give an accurate time for my Hood to Coast. But my training has me only cross training on Thursday. Friday I have a 10 mile run on schedule. Saturday only a 14 mile run, I'd rather get in an 18 mile run. Because I have a martial arts seminar this weekend. Sunday I am supposed to get in a 7 mile run. I'm going to be exhausted from my martial arts seminar this weekend and won't want to get a run in Sunday. I know I will hate it and no have fun. What bugs me is I told my coach my schedule.

So is it that he ignored or maybe forgot my schedule? Or is it that I hate being told what to do?

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