Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cross training

I ventured out and tried a program called Cross Fit. It involved a lot of squats and pull-ups. I enjoyed varying my current cross training, but I over did it. This is not going to surprise anyone who knows me. But now I am mad at myself for affecting my current training.

Today I did 300 sit-ups, but had to skip my push-ups. I did jump on my bike and get 10 miles (in 30 minutes). That did help loosen up my poor legs. I don't think Cross Fit is going to be for me. I think I would do better seeing my old Pilates instructor and work my core more. Since I think the squats would end up making my current medical issues worse. And a stronger core would help my medical issues. So maybe I need to find that money to see my Pilates instructor?

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