Sunday, July 12, 2009


I read this article in another blog about fast holes and slow holes. The premise of the article was that some people think that running fast and improving your times are all that matter in running. On the flip side, there are people who think every run should be relaxed and not taxing.
I have friends of all abilities that I run with. And being fast is all relative. To some of my friends I am fast and it intimidates them to run with me. But why? I get so much out of my runs with them.
1. I get to relax and enjoy great conversations.
2. I still get to log the miles.
3. It’s my therapy time. I work through so much on a run with my friends.
4. I get to hang out with friends and deepen a current friendship. Or develop a new friendship.
5. I might get to help pace them. Maybe they want me to help push their pace. This tickles me to pieces. I love trying to help others in anyway I can. (Well I love helping friends out, not just anyone.)
6. Maybe I’m using them to pace me. Sometimes I need someone slower to make me take an easy run. I have a tendency to push myself too hard. Running with someone with a more relaxed pace makes me run an easy run. Otherwise I think I would be injured more than I already am. ;)
7. I am guaranteed to get my scheduled runs in if I have a friend waiting for me. Then I can’t slack on the miles I’m supposed to get in. Because if I shorten the run I’d be affecting someone else’s running. It keeps me from being lazy.
However, I do understand the being “intimidated” aspect. I have a friend that I highly respect and admire. She is training for the Portland Marathon. (In which I think she has an excellent chance of winning) She offered to do a 20 mile run with me. I immediately made excuses about how she would kill me if I ran with her. Or about how I’d hate to slow her down that much. I just figured she was being nice to offer to run with me. But why? Maybe she wants a slower run. Maybe she wants an excuse to run slower? Maybe she just wants to help me out with my running? I now feel bad for insulting her offer. She’s a very sweet person and extremely knowledgeable. I would learn so much running with her and maybe develop a friendship. At the very least I’d get my first 20 miler in. So maybe I should take her offer at face value. Since I want my friends to take my offers to run. Maybe she just wants company on such a long run. I know I do.

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