Saturday, July 11, 2009

Friday run with 3x1200

Today was a tough workout scheduled. 1 mile warm up 3x1200 at 6:30 pace with a mile in between each 1200 and a mile cool down. At a 6:30 pace I would run each 100 in 24 seconds, I tried my hardest and could only really hold 25 on my 100's for the first 1200 which resulted in a 6:40 pace. The next one I could barely hold a 6:48 pace and the last was a 6:52 pace. Overall not bad. I was consistent with the pace on the 100 splits. Holding 25-28's. This has been the most consistent on pace so far. But holly cow was the last 1200 hard. I was proud of myself because I could not have run any faster. I had my heart rate at 188 at the end of each 1200. So I know I worked hard.

Here's the mental part. My friend who has taken me under his wing in coaching me, was a really fast runner in high school and college. I didn't even know how fast he was until I googled his record after running with him for 4 months. He'd say things like 'I used to be fast when I was in college' but it was always so nonchalant and only when I'd ask him how fast he used to be. But he would never give me times. So here is what I found out: He ran a 3:50 in the mile. That is 3 mins and 50 seconds......for a mile. That is freakin' fast. No that is record setting fast.

Well it seems to me he has too high of expectations of me. I was happy with what I ran today, but he seemed a little disappointed. All I can do is the best I can do. I know my weakness is the distance. I can't hold a fast pace for any real length of time. I'm trying to look the rest of this year as base building. My husband asked if maybe my friend was setting the bar too high and placing unrealistic expectations on me. Why didn't he set the 1200 pace at 6:50 or even 6:45 so that I would hold a steady pace the hold time? I don't know, that is a great question. Is it to push me to try for the 6:30 with no preconception? Or is it to set me up for failure so I will push harder to obtain the 6:30?

All I know was that I promised I would stick to the training program he set for me to a Tee for a full month. He previously set a training schedule and I tried to follow it, but began to get too impatient in wanting more miles. Well I guess it's not always about more miles per week, but better paced miles.

I guess I need to ruminate on my coach and running tomorrow on my little 12 mile run.

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