Monday, July 13, 2009

Hill Repeats

Hubby and I ran 6 miles together. A nice relaxing 6 miles at 8:46 avg pace. We talked and just had a nice run. Then after our 6 we did hill repeats. We found the best hill we could find and ran 1/8 mile repeats. I was scheduled for 8 and hubby ran 4 with me (he ran his much faster than I did). The hill started at 22 ft and rose to 154 ft at our 1/8 mile mark. I held a pretty steady pace. 1:09-1:07-1:08-1:06-1:05-1:08-1:14 and the last at 1:15. My endurance is finally improving. Hence being able to hold the pace a little better and even drop the times a little. The last two repeats were hard and I felt like I was crawling. So a total of 7 miles to start my week off. A nice start.

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