Monday, July 27, 2009

How to run using your heart rate as a guide

Last night I was supposed to do a 5 mile easy run. But here is the catch. I was to keep my heart rate at 150 bpm. Sounded like a nice 10 min pace run to me. Nope I was forced to go slower than that.

I decided I would try a new trail by my house. Bad idea. A little piece of advise. If you are to do a run using your heart rate as your guide, don't pick a new trail FULL of hills. I had to walk some of the hills to keep my heart rate down. That was the hard part. I like to pick up the pace on hills, however, if you are trying to keep your heart rate at 150 you can NOT do anything buy walk the freakin' things.

My husband was nice enough to join me for the run. So at least I had some great company and good conversation. My hubby is also great for making me stick to exactly what my coach has put on my training schedule. Needless to say my coach loves it when hubby runs with me. It was more like a nice stroll for us and not so much a run. But you know what, I liked it. It reminded me what an easy run should feel like.

Now don't get me wrong, I had a hard time with my pace being slower. Since I can get a little obsessed about my pace (unless I'm running with some of my friends, then it's all about hanging out with them). Last night I made myself only look at my heart rate, because every time I looked at the pace I would try to pick it up. I didn't realize that I tend to push my pace too much on my easy recovery runs. I would assume that because I was running a 9 min pace that I was running an easy run. Well I guess not. Maybe I need to go by my heart rate more? Maybe then I wouldn't have been in an over training deficit for the last month or two?

All in all this was a great lesson to learn. Sometimes an 11 min -12 min pace is just what I needed. Who knew? What's that my coach? You mean I should listen to him? Well that's a novel idea. But come on...this is ME we are taking about. I always have to learn the hard way. Stop laughing at me.

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