Saturday, July 11, 2009

Listening to your body

Today I had a 12 mile run scheduled. My friend was supposed to meet me at 7:00am to run 6 miles with me. By 7:13 she called saying that she needed to get gas and that she would catch up with me. So off for a quick 4 miles. As I started out I could tell right away.... it was not going to be a quick 4 miles. My foot hurt, my IT band hurt, my hip hurt, heck my brain even hurt. So I decided I'd try to make it a relaxed 4 miles. Problem is I couldn't settle into a pace. Mile 1 -8:37, in which it hurt to hold. Fine. Mile 2 -8:43. Time to throw in the towel and re-evaluate my miles and pace today. Mile 3- 9:00 and my friend caught up to me. So the talking commenced. Mile 4-8:32. I felt a little pressure and relief to be running with her again so the pace was easily picked up. The wonderful part about running with a friend who is faster than you and has fresh legs. You feel like you should hold the pace and you get so lost in conversation you forget about the pace....for a little bit. But today I couldn't or didn't want to push through my mental block.

So now it's time to pace lead. Although I'm not sure I pace lead anyone. My legs felt heavy and I just didn't want to run 8 more miles. Did I mention my foot hurt? So I was smart and listened to my body and only ran 4 more miles. It is hard for me to let go of a 12 mile run.

Tonight I am looking forward to meeting my Hood to Coast team. I know some of them. But as my team captain said, get to know them before you smell them. Should be fun beers, food, and running friends. What's not to love?

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